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Now That’s A Porsche

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Nigel Machin, Mar 13, 2020.

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  2. I can see myself on the German autobarn with this beauty,giving it large or has that gone P.C now.?
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  3. Shame about the wheels.
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  4. Yeh, what a waste of a decent set of alloys o_O
  5. Keh :eyes:
  6. He posted two pictures in this thread,instead of the usual one,but now removed.:rolleyes::punch:;)
  7. Are you sure :thinkingface:
  8. Agree. With the paint and interior trying so hard to reflect the 1970's, the wheels stand out as some delboy aftermarket late addition
  9. I'd be going slightly mad.:worried:
  10. Going? :p
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  12. If it has - thats their problem not ours!
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  13. Guy I used to work with had a Singer.
    Same concept but a more sympathetic approach to modernizing an older car.


    Personally I think the singer does it better.
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  14. Shame about the colour :poop: Andy
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  15. Why green?? I'd never have a green vehicle.
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  16. Same. Except for a series 1 landrover or an original Shelby Cobra, BRG.
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  17. What a beauty, colour, wheels the lot.
  18. Lovely car, but the wheels?

    It's German, shouldn't it have caterpillar tracks?
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  19. Lovely looking thing. How much? I could do with a laugh.
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