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Nstr 749s Rad02 Corsa Evo

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Nostromo, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Thought I'd make a thread, instead of posting to the "what have you done today" thread every other day.
    I started off with a 2003 749s, it has had some money spent on it over the years, but needed some love.
    The key objective is to build on this modern classic with a mix of modern and contemporary components. The centerpiece being a removable multifunction dash, full colour with satnav, diagnostics, phone connection and full mechanical manual.
    I am currently testing hardware, software development is in early stages, my main focus atm is mechanical first then electrical.

    The bike after I bought it
    downloadfile.jpg downloadfile.jpg

    And how it currently stands


    Next post will be about the swingarm swap.

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  2. Looks good.
    How do you get it in that shed?
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  3. Ever read "The lion the witch and the wardrobe"?
    Waiting on my new shed to be delivered.
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  4. It’s the tardis!
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  5. I've just cut a hole the neighbours fence, loads of space!
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  6. Ooooo sweeeet.
    Will it have cup holders?
  7. Was in the original plan, but I have no budget left for a gimble ;)
  8. Swingarm swap
    In order to mount the 848 sssa, I needed to swap out the left hand bushing from the 749 arm, the 848 rocker arm needed to be machined by 6mm, and a spacer for the other side. Old bearings and spacer were shot and dry as a bone.
    DSC_0130-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0131-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0132-2393x1350.JPG
    A shorter 16x22x16 Hk1616 was installed on the machined side, then the standard 16x22x22 on the other side, then new seals and spacer from moto rapido.
    A grease nipple was added as well, all machining was done by a mate at work on a bridgeport, top guy and was more than happy to help with the project.

    Finished result
    DSC_0261-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0264-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0268-2393x1350.JPG
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  9. do you also need an longer ride height rod?
  10. It seems fine at the moment, I plan on putting a adjustable one on soon
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  11. Why is there a grease nipple fitted?

    The needle bearings are fitted with seals.
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  12. Double bagging o_O
  13. The internal spacer and bearings were bone dry, the spacer was also damaged from unlubricated function, it was a recommendation from my mate. Its there for periodic maintenance.
  14. Can see the logic but I think what FE is trying to say is, you pump the grease into the internal void via the grease nipple between the 2 needle bearings which have a seal at each end once the bushing is pushed through no grease will be able to enter the bearing from the inside and obviously the outer seal stops the ingress of dirt etc.
  15. Ahh I see what you mean, but there is no internal seal on the 848 drawings, only outer, unless the bearing itself is fluid tight? 36520741A.jpg
  16. No shit can get in if each end is sealed.

    If you pump grease in from the middle, it can blow the seals out.
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  17. Yeah he said it only needs a small amount.
  18. Bottom fork clamp machined down to accommodate the ohlins forks I got from a rsv4 factory DSC_0304-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0303-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0308-1350x2393.JPG DSC_0309-1350x2393.JPG
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  19. FG016 Rsv forks. Just recently done the same on my 996/1098 mongrel.
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  20. Very nice

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