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Numb Hands After Only An Hour

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Roughcut DXD, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Took my new XDiavel out for a good ride yesterday. Still trying to break her in:) And after around an hour my hands were completely numb. Some of the roads I was on are not the best to be fair but my hands weren't this bad after a long hard days riding on my Rocket! Does anyone else suffer this and if so are there any good grips put there that anyone could recommend?
    Also the suspension was rough on my back. I have been talking to this bloke in Italy about replacements. He has recommended going with the Ohlins AG 1706's on the rear and the Andreani fork cartridge for the front. Does this sound right? He quoted me just under £1300 set up for me and shipped.
    Cheers Rufus
  2. Suggest that you get the suspension properly set up first by a specialist, with the correct sag as that bike should handle well.

    For hands; try Grip Puppies, I find these help my hands a lot. Also you could try rotating the handle bars a lttle to experiment. I even fitted bar risers (+20mm) on my Street Triple which really improved things for me. I've had a broken thumb/torn ligament on the right hand plus an old broken wrist so leaves me rather sensitive and prone to dead hands/cramp. Good luck with it.
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  3. Spend £40 getting the suspension sorted for you by a specialist. Worth every penny and no need to waste £1300 on snake oil.
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  4. Thanks, I'll do that. There is a place not too far away that I will try, they say they are Ducati specialists called Louigi Moto just south of Bristol.
    And Grip Puppies just sound cool:)
  5. A silly thing but this time of year wear warm clothes and gloves as a poor circulation will cause the problem as well.
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  6. I am waiting on a new pair of gloves that should be here very soon. The ones I have now are 17 and 7 years old respectively! They still work but my hands do half smell when I take them off! I don’t really suffer to much from the cold, fortunately:) and I took the advice and ordered a set of those puppies.
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  7. I will try that first. We’ll see if it does the trick.
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  8. Also consider if that doesn't workout heated grips for the die hard winter riders.
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  9. Numb hands? Me too, and I haven't found a solution yet. Unfortunately, Grip Puppies won't work because I've got heated grips.

    My bar-ends are reasonably heavy, but I'd like to find a way to add further weight inside the bars (is there an engineering solution?). Any ideas?

    And another vote for a professional suspension setup :upyeah: It worked wonders on my Xdiavel, and avoided having to sell my gran to pay for Öhlins.

    Inexplicably, Ducati fits the Xdiavel with fantastic suspension but then lets a troop of chimpanzees loose on the suspension settings. Out of the factory, the suspension settings leave the bike like a bucking bronco over regular road bumps. A professional suspension setup solved it for me.
  10. Grip puppies do work over heated grips, it just makes then take longer to warm your hands.
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  11. I just ordered them today but I found a different seller, £40 cheeper for the same thing, I love a bargain ;-)
    They should be here by Wednesday. I also have a bunch of other stuff I need to have put on. When they get here I will get them all put on at the same time.
    Also phoned Viking as you advised. Going to send my seat off to them too, then I can get the suspension sorted. It's all coming together :) Thanks for your help and advice.
  12. My heated grips work fine with Grip Puppies and it stops the heated grip rubber from wearing out.
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  13. Took a while but I have just got them fitted, along with a screen. They do make a huge difference. It's like riding a totally different bike! Before when I hit 80-90 MPH it was very uncomfortable but now it feels so much easier. No wind on your hands and much less vibrations. The screen deflects more wind than the size should! Plus I am becoming more in tune with the bike. After riding the Rocket for so long it felt like riding a moped. Before I had to mussel the beast around corners where this just glides. Can't wait until after my first service and can start to see what she can really do:) Got my first service booked for the 27th:)
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