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1198 Number Plate Light

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Andy 1198, May 28, 2020.

  1. Hi folks
    Just managed to get my hands on a Ducati Performance tail tidy but the number plate light doesn't have th correct plug to suit the wiring harness, I don't want to splice into the harness, does anyone one have a number plate light (damaged or otherwise) they want to sell me? I can find plugs & tails for the indicators but not the number plate light.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I just did something similar. Check with JCPakbikes.com/connector/source/1.html

    They offer a pigtail kit for the plate light. Another option is cycle terminal.com/turn-signal-connectors.html
  3. Thanks, I'm looking for something in the UK
  4. Sorry I know this thread is a month old now and you may have this sorted but thought I would have a look around as its slow at work :)

    I can find the indicator and rear light connectors no problem on Farnells website but not the black connector for the number plate light, I know it's an AMP connector (Now called TE Connectivity) as I can see that in the moulding on the connector itself but cannot find the type.

    However I have found them on the following website not cheap though. The picture for the plate light connector looks correct.


    Plate light connector
    Product no.: DUC-BLK-INDI-CONN

    Indicator connector
    Product no.: DUC-WHT-INDI-CONN

    Rear light connector
    Product no.: DUC-WHT-TAIL-CONN
  5. Thanks, the tail tidy I brought did come with the plug, i didn't look hard enough when I took the kit out the box.......................... oops!

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