Nurburgring - Hit By Car At 105mph, Went Dirtbiking And Barrier Riding!

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  1. Had a crazy couple of days at the Nurburgring this weekend on the BMW with a group of mates in shiny cars. On Sunday they were running the combined Nordschleife and GP circuit which was pretty awesome and something I have wanted to do for a while. Unfortunately it is not the full GP circuit missing out the bottom section with the really fast left hander coming up the hill but it is still enough to get a good run at it.

    The track was super busy and loads of crashes meant they would close it then it would be even more busy as everybody tried to get laps in once it opened again. Just as I was getting keyed into the BMW after riding the R6 for the last few months this idiot pulled out on me without looking in his mirrors. He nearly pulls out into the Porsche in front of me so I should have spotted that he was dangerous but that's easy to say in hindsight. Being a road there was no apologies from the driver since he did not want to admit blame. The police however had other ideas since I have the video evidence and he is under investigation for dangerous driving so fingers crossed it will not give me any insurance problems. Needless to say I was pretty shaken and called it a day and went for a stiff drink! I wish I'd got back out to drain the adrenalin but it probably wasn't the best time for it.

    Here's a good mate following me on his Ducati Panigale 1199 on a previous lap. I'm hoping for some footage of the crash from a witnessing car at some point.

    Spotted another Panigale there, anyone off here?


    Me on the BMW being hunted down by my mate on his Panigale

    Some great shots coming up online already, just waiting for the originals of these:

    fullsizeoutput_457d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_457b.jpeg
    Not a bad lineup!
    fullsizeoutput_4579.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4577.jpeg
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  2. What an effing save! Go on Royal! :)

    On the next episode of Royal goes racing...
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  3. Nothing but respect. Andy
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  4. That could have been so much worse!!! Excellent riding though.
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  5. Well held sir, and lucky!
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  6. loving the thumbs up. :upyeah::Hilarious:
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  7. Cracking save.
  8. Was a great save :upyeah:

    Maybe go race the beemer ;)
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  9. Wow, yes, great save. Seriously impressive looking pace there as well. Looks like you're filtering through commuter traffic at times...
  10. Thanks guys, I'm pretty gobsmacked it didn't go worse myself. I was basically riding the gravel and barrier waiting for the front to dig in and flip me into the barrier. I was just hoping I could slow down enough before that happened so I'd reduce the inevitable injury. Riding away unharmed was quite surreal. Here's the car, it was a big knock!

    IMG_0972.JPG IMG_0974.JPG
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  11. vid up top has seating etc and is pat of the proper track...have they added that to the 13 miler now??
  12. Did you say to the owner "you'll be right lad, it'll buff out"
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  13. Sat watching that with the lads at work.. completely insane! I would have shit myself & put the bike down. Cool head - well done.
  14. Kudos! thats a hell of a save!! could have been so much worse!
  15. You're legs are well wobbly in that 2nd picture! :Wideyed: Can't see the video's as work blocks them :mad:
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  16. flippin' nora. Don't fancy that!

    Cant figure out what he was swinging out for either, any ideas?
  17. If you look carefully he is trying to overtake a car. I didn't notice at the time but he nearly swerves into the Porsche in front of me then pulls out and hits me.
  18. Fuck me you were lucky. The incident is around 7:30 seconds in the linked video. Frankly I'd of expected you to pull over once back on tarmac the 2nd time & pull over for devouring what just happened.

    Whilst on the ring your normal insurance doesn't stand. You are uninsured unless you have specific (they say its a toll-road but insurance companies know better) closed circuit coverage. The officials take video & number plates of participants to cover retrieving funds for damage & recovery on track.
  19. Hope you smacked the c**t
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  20. Great save and lucky not to be collected by the same twat when you came back on track :worried:
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