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Discussion in 'Touring' started by its me, May 15, 2019.

  1. 20190515_125325.jpg All aboard.
    Sacrifice made to the weather God and away we go.:motorcycleduc::sun::cool:
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  2. I would be there myself but the lads chose Wales trip instead. Setting off today. Hope you have a great time over there the racing is fantastic in the NW200 :)
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  3. Enjoy Sprocker, don't know what you got planned but this is on at the weekend

    Pendine May 2019
  4. Dont forget millsport ducati open day on friday, beside joeys bar ballymoney.
  5. Ooh cheers , View attachment 155758 I'm heading that way tomorrow 20190516_093650.jpg .
  6. Was anyone running a Ducati this year?
  7. Nope.Paton sounds nice in the super twins though.
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  8. Wasn’t Seeley racing a Pani r in then supersport?

    He was looking great in Qualifying (that bike is so angry) but no he took a spill in the thus evening race.
  9. Yep, Seeley is on the BeWiser Ducati Panigale V4. He went down hard in the supersport race though, not my favourite racer but I hope he's OK.
  10. Would love a Paton... they're ace.
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  11. Oh and the sun was out, another plus:p
    busy place 20190517_134347.jpg 20190517_134347.jpg
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  12. Anyone on this forum
    Parked near the rope bridge this morning
  13. Wealthy chap. Looks like he's left his 2 grand helmet (or whatever they are...) for the taking too :eek:
  14. Yup.....sorry I'm married.:)
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  15. Fat boy meets an italian.
  16. Im in bed in my portrush caravan listening to the rain....for feck sake....shower bacon sandwich and then venture out. Not looking good today folks.
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