O Y B Sunday 19/5

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  1. I have a pass so (sun dependant) I'm aiming for a dirty burger about 12:30.


    @Not Carl Fogarty ?
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  2. Have plans Sund, thanks for consideration though.

    Was there yest @ bike night.
    Was last minute thing with some local riders. Very last minute... bumped into Bretski and Jo from here.

    Would have posted on here but was so rushed I put my boots on the wrong feet then fitted a clear visor that wouldn't shut...

    I try to stay away from the place, one day I end up buying a bike there.

    Have fun :)
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  3. Bugger I'm in the Midlands! :rolleyes:
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  4. You still going over? Debating MGP or riding the bike...

  5. Unfortunately not. Might get out for a short while later this afternoon.
  6. Didn’t hear so went other way anyway

    Way more fun than I expected.
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  7. If your still out I'm heading there now for 3pm.
  8. Bike gone back.
  9. You still there ?
  10. Not anymore.
  11. :upyeah:Was gonna pop down but didn’t see till late
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  12. It was dead down there.
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