996 Observations Of This 996 Please

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  1. I’ve been looking for a 996 for a while, I know the basics, but know where near as much as some of my fellow forum members, I would ask when the belts were changed, is it 996 s on the log book, the basic stuff
    Could you good people cast your eyes over this 996 for me & give opinions, high res pictures would be useful I know
    Also, would there be anyone knowledgeable willing to view the bike on my behalf who lives near, I’m 195 miles away
  2. nice. Check the valve service was done at 6k mls.

    Worth about £7k in current market?
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  3. It looks a nice, clean, original & genuine bike from the pictures. If it were me I'd contact the seller and ask for photos/scans of the paperwork to be emailed to me, check the service book and receipts for services, if he has those. The fact he has the original bill of sale implies he might.
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  4. Looks ok.
  5. I am watching this one now and considering a bid. Never tell anyone anything!
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  6. Yes you have a point , but unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough to ask questions / view it , without some forum back up.
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  7. An honest opinion :upyeah:
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  8. I am looking for a good clean example of the 996 Desmoquatro to add to my little collection and this would seem to be one. It’s a public holiday today, my gf has gone home and it is raining so I have time on my hands to fanny around on the internet. I will be back at work when the auction is ending however so it will probably be overlooked.
    Do It!
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  9. 7k might be a bit low , judging by finished eBay auctions & asking prices ( I know asking price isn’t sold price )
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  10. As said, looks to be in good condition which, to me would be more important than whether it has new belts etc. - as I'd do a full service regardless and at that mileage there shouldn't be anything serious or worn out.

    Not in the market but if I was that would get my interest. :upyeah:
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  11. nice S model its also got the mono rear sub frame which is rare.
  12. Looks a nice one , I bet they’ve got a high reserve on it but it looks a nice thing
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  13. Are the forks normally that shiney?
  14. yes later ones had gold lowers.
  15. I'm also bidding on this bike. Sorry but looks mint. I've asked what the reserve is but not got an answer. I reckon he wants a lot more than 7k for it.
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  16. What can I say, I'm an optimist.
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  17. The only bit i don't like and is off putting is his terms;The bike is sold as seen with no warranties provided etc:thinkingface:i never placed that on a advert ever!
  18. i went and had a look and offered him 10k on the spot he said no.
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  19. Then, IMO, he’s living in cloud cuckoo land. Andy
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  20. Or should that be Sheffield ? Andy
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