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Featured Off To Sunny Scotland

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Robarano, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Well, tomorrow was supposed to be the beginning of this years trip to Italy, but due to all the lockdowns and uncertainty, the substitute ride to West Scotland starts in the morning.


    Helga packed and ready for the off. :)

    5 Days stopping in Oban, Skye, Ullapool & Braemar. :upyeah: Waterproofs packed too. :confused: :splat: Going with 5 mates and should be a laugh, whatever the weather.

    Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 21.29.59.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 16.38.59.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 16.53.11.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 16.56.54.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 21.32.16.png

    Because one of the lads on the Italy trip has been kicked out of the house next weekend by his wife as he was supposed to be away and she has her mates round, I'm off to Wales for another 4 days next weekend too. :)

    Hopefully all of the restrictions will be sorted for next year and we can have another go at Italy. :upyeah: I'll need to dry out somehow. :splat:
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  2. BEC2B4DD-D39B-4F34-AFA6-CC3D9D9F363E.jpeg Have a great trip, I got back from my annual trip there the week before last and unusually had fabulous weather.

    Fabulous roads for the GSA which is why there are so many up there.
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  3. I did the NC500 last year on the Hyperstrada, and enjoyed the west coast a lot more than the east, hence concentrating the route there this year. I also went by myself last year and there were a lot of miles covered each day. This year is a lot more relaxed once up there so we can stop often and take detours. :upyeah:



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  4. I’m going up there with my mate on Monday for 5 days, staying in Ayr then Inverness. We were supposed to be doing the Pyrenees!

    I’ve packed my water proofs too. Look out for a Super Sport and a green Kwack Z900 RS

    Safe trip
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  5. Which of the 12 touring bikes you bought will you be taking? :thinkingface:
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  6. All of them, they are in the boxes on the GS for when I have to bring them out.
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  7. I hope you have a good time. Can I suggest a route change from a local who rides SW Scotland all the time.

    Cut across the A66 to Carlisle and come up through D&G, either go up through the Dark Skies Forrest, then head for the heads of Ayr, or go round the bottom of D&G and do the whole coast up to Gourock and get the ferry across to Dunoon (£9), go up Loch eck and round to Inveraray and the back road to Oban, much nicer. The roads to get through Glasgow and up the side of Loch Lomond are over rated to say the least and very busy. The routes I suggest avoids all motorway, busy roads and major conurbations and is quieter and prettier; either way you are still heading North.

    If you want more info and harder directions PM me and I will be happy to oblige in the morning.

    Either way have a good time and sorry about the weather!
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  8. Have a good trip Rob, take plenty of pictures for us please.
    I’m rebooked for next April, very jealous!!!
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  9. Scorchio today - hurry up :D
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  10. Sounds like a great trip
    The wales one might be more complicated!
    Have a good one.
  11. Give @finm a cuddle when you get to Oban for me o_O
  12. If you are thinking about visiting Ben Nevis, you might want to check out the reviews. B568E41D-28FE-473C-B711-C8B4C00A8DD7.jpeg
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  13. Opportunity for a burger van install :thinkingface::D
  14. ask him to dry himself off first. outside its sunshine and heavy showers. inside i was greeted to a fugging tsunami. due to the new tennents next door fugging something. entire place 6" under. Ooooo somebody is so gonna pay.
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  15. Watch out.... they can be a feisty lot up there.
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  16. @Robarano please dry yourself off first before cuddling the finm :bucktooth:
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  17. Nice place. How can you be so angry living here? :)

    Just had Oban fish and chips in The Oban Inn and getting drunk :upyeah:
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  18. i aint angry living here. its the pish that's talked by folks that dont live here that winds me up. *finger*.
    aye, the Oban Inn. superb wee bar. i think i spotted yer bikes parked up by Marki Dans.
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  19. ...or from Glasgow go via Gairloch, Loch Long, Rest and be Thankful etc if Loch Lomondside is too busy?
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  20. @Dave are you there yet?
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