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Off White/yellow Powder In Fuel Tank

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Irogerh, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Hi. I have my tank off the bike to replace the pump (which was dead) and filter. It is completely dried out and has off white/yellow powder deposits on the base and sides - quite thick at the back of the tank. The deposit brushes off and is almost like talcum powder! Does anyone have any ideas what this deposit might be? I assume it is something that has come from the petrol. I attach a picture of the inside of the tank a spoon of the powder.
    Regards Roger
    photo 09-12-2019, 16 34 48.jpg photo 09-12-2019, 16 35 33.jpg
  2. Someone who doesn't like you has been pouring childrens play sand into your tank? This is why I do prefer locking oil caps & the same with fuel caps.
  3. Are you in Colombia?
  4. Could be the remains of someone's attempt at applying tank sealer - does rear section of tank look particularly corroded on inside or out/any signs of repair/no leaks?
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  5. The tank looks in good nick inside otherwise with no sign of anything other than very minor corrosion. I should say that the tank was off the bike with fuel in it for about 5 years!
  6. .....which probably is why the pump died!
  7. It’s from old fuel that has crystallized.

    Fill with Berrymans’s B-12 fuel system cleaner mixed with gas. Close tank and agitate the tank. Let sit for 12 hours and repeat. Then Drain the tank and let dry, and remove brush off and remnants.

    I had the same issue with a recent 900SS SP I picked up.
    Before Cleaning"

    After Cleaning with Berrymans's B-12 IMG_0574.jpeg
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  8. James, thanks for that reply. Really useful. I will give that a go.
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