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For Sale Ohlins Forks And 848 Ohlins Rear Shock

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Nostromo, May 4, 2020.

  1. Forks from a rsv4 in good condition bar a chip and scratch, pics below.
    Serviced just before I bought them, I canno variety this but on inspection the oil was new, Ti bolts included. 780 posted can include a machined lower triple for an extra 100
    0CD9AC2D-D34D-4911-9456-48D98CAA7AD2.jpeg 35F1EFDA-E39A-4A1C-AA27-C7B57A26E433.jpeg 95108F46-3247-4A43-A653-6E0BB171E4D7.jpeg 03B3A9C0-82B5-48D8-949A-85CF221DE9FF.jpeg 7558F3C3-595A-4381-8084-19941378393E.jpeg

    848 1098 1198 ohlins shock good condition bar some minimal chipping on the spring. 350 posted
    DEB34CF8-E3B7-49EA-89C0-D4C1ED68DC0B.jpeg 0598D299-B848-4B48-B99A-912FC0B236E1.jpeg 5EB93FAA-E72E-45F2-9C48-39AACAB15220.jpeg
  2. Are you selling the top yoke?
  3. I will be yes
  4. PM sent
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  5. Rear shock now 290 posted, I overpriced abit at first.
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  6. lol price drop as I want to purchase some bits
    Forks now 720 posted
    Rear shock 260 posted
  7. 200 offered for rear shock
  8. Too low sorry
  9. no problem
  10. Both still available forks now 640 posted
    Some pics of them off the bike 96CB3522-D80E-4E26-BD0A-508B3EE2AF3F.jpeg 726152DA-287D-4458-8800-13314E71E07D.jpeg 964F96AF-2728-4DC6-9818-C01EE29603BA.jpeg 6F84082E-5232-4FF9-BAD8-BC6739F44472.jpeg 2A018385-02FC-4C05-BD40-409CF5DC8FF9.jpeg 7F11973D-1261-4667-8128-7555F9DC58D8.jpeg 601AF4B5-1D2E-4432-98A8-DE13B3FD096C.jpeg AF175F4F-C9EE-4656-BE8B-DC1486A5C60A.jpeg C2F592DB-78E9-46F8-BA85-A381D01F9663.jpeg 4FB206B2-313B-4241-9CE2-3DB278BF840C.jpeg C3C2FE94-19D6-4F66-A0E5-5894E861BBC2.jpeg 990F8523-EC8C-4C95-B781-C866A2EA1023.jpeg BC2CFA24-1770-4EEE-A900-AC43D21BA0F9.jpeg
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