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Oil Change On The Monster 696

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Niall Bowler, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi All

    Just bought my 1st bike this year Monster 696.What oil does everyone use when doing Maintenance on ur bike.
    Would Motul 5100 15W50 Technosyntese be ok to use?

  2. It would be fine, but even better would be Motul 7100 15w50
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  3. I use Castrol Power 4T 15-50 in my M1100S but a lot in here use Motul. I use Castrol because a) it’s often on special offer and b) it’s what I grew up with. As your here in Ireland check out motorcycleshop.ie great service, including after sales and with regards to any returns, usually next day delivery, and good prices - no affiliation on my part I just use them.
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  4. Thanks Paul
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  5. Boy have you opened a can of worms as soon as you mentioned the words 'Which oil should I use' ;)
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  6. Yep, fortunately it’s in a relatively quiet area of the Forum. Just imagine if that question were asked in the Technical Help section, or, heaven forbid, in the Lounge :scream:
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  7. So what did you go for Niall?
  8. Hi Mark
    Went with Motul 7100 15W50. Bought all Ducati parts for the service.
  9. You won’t go wrong with that Niall, Neil at Cornerspeed Ducati recommends it and there’s not much he doesn’t know about Ducati’s, in truth most modern branded oils are more than up to the job, the Ducati branded oil filter you’ve got is also more than up to the job although in truth probably not as well made as some aftermarket alternatives such as K&N, you might find that the “Ducati” one will rust externally for example, but as I said it’s more than adequate so do use it.
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  10. Thanks Mark.
    I have noticed that the oil filter had rushed on the outside.
    I'll definitely keep that in mind for the next service thanks.
    Do you use K&N for the Air filter also.
  11. I do have a K&N panel filter in my 900ss but only because I bought it with one already fitted, the standard Ducati branded ones seem just fine though and aren’t crazy money, there’s maybe some sense in fitting a “performance” filter if the bike has other mods to the carbs/exhaust but otherwise IMO stick with OE, other factors such as reusability of after market panel filters possibly make sense cost wise eventually but is it really worth the faff of oiling them etc?, somebody may well chip in now stating that there panel filter has added 9 millionty extra horsepower to the bike, but I would counter that it’s probably just made it louder :), (although there’s nothing wrong with a bit more induction noise)
    PS when I’ve swapped between OE and K&N filter on my 900 I couldn’t feel any difference in performance whatsoever.
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