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  1. Hi, having made the decision due to recent health conditions, to put my 2002 998 on SORN, I'm still quite keen to change the oil and filter on a regular basis. Up until now this job was carried out by my local bike dealership every year whilst the bike was being MOT'd. The main query I have, having watched a U tube clip on carrying out the task, is there appears to be an additional filter located on the side of the engine crankcase, do I need to get involved in changing this or do I simply renew the "normal" filter?... plus is it advisable to renew the washer that sits around the drain plug?
  2. With a modern fully (or even semi) synthetic oil, there really is no need to change it during a period of storage if the bike is not going to be run at regular intervals. The horizontal strainer style filter is reuseable after cleaning if it’s contaminated. If you look in your service book, it’s inspected probably every 15,000 miles. Andy
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  3. Sorry, just seen the last bit. Yes change the sump plug washer as it is a single use ‘crush’ washer. Andy
  4. Those of us with Desmoquattro engines always pull that strainer with trepidation. It's not as important if you're not going to be riding the bike.
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  5. Hi, thanks for the advice, much appreciated, a couple of more queries, regarding the actual oil, should I use semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil, plus although the bike will be SORN, I do intend to occasionally run it just to ensure the belts are not left in the same position which may cause a problem at some point in the future apparently.
  6. Just engage 6th gear and turn rear wheel by hand every now and then. (you should feel the piston going over TDC)
    I would change the oil before storage, but certainly would not change again until ready to ge back on the road.
    Fuel stabilizer in the tank, or even better drain completely the tank.
    If storing for longer than 12 months, is a good practice to remove the spark plugs and pour 1 teaspoon of oil in, then rotate the engine(see first line) this way the rings won't stick.
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  7. Oil really degrades from use and heat cycles. I reckon total distance travelled or hours the engines has run is what is important. I know it is controversial but if you're only going to do 2-3000 km over say 4 years then that would be your oil change frequency. Personal opinion only