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Oil Level Window Stain

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by ck_uk, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. There's a stain on the inside of my oil level window. There doesn't appear to be an easy way of removing this, and the window itself doesn't have any apparent circlip type holding it in place. Any recommendations?

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  2. Yes , I know it well ..... its a pain .
    I've lived with it on my ST4 for a long time .
    It got so bad that I needed a strong light up close , just to see the oil level !

    The only solution is to replace it ( and wait for it to happen again :) ) .
    Costs about £7 for new one , and it pushes out from the inside .
    There is no circlip or anything else retaining it .

    Just done mine recently because I had that cover off anyway , but I've wondered if it can be removed from the outside by drilling some tiny holes in the black part , and screwing in a couple of self-tappers to pull on ?
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  3. If you are replacing it with a new one can you not break the glass (?) then prise out the bezel before fitting the new one.
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  4. Thanks. Just wondering if it was possible to remove, clean up and replace. But probably just worth fitting a new one as suggested.
    £7 - is that from a Ducati dealer? I've had a look on Stein Dinse but can't find any there.
  5. Cleaning is next to impossible ..... that metal plate with 4 holes is an integral part of the thing .
    I got my replacement from Moto Rapido .... very fast and efficient service !
  6. I lean the bike over on its side, onto old tyres and foam, so the oil doesn't need draining. Push the glass on one side so it turns in the hole. Pull the glass out. It is all bonded into a kind oil seal arrangement.

    You just need to press in the new one squarely and upto a stop withing the housing.
    Lift the bike up and hopefully no leaks.
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  7. Just reserved one at Ducati Cov, £7.14

    Thanks guys, really appreciate your responses.
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  8. Finally got round to removing the oil window, can't rush these things eh.

    This is what it looks like.

    I've still got some refurb work on the housing to finish first, before fitting the new window.

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