Oil Lines...carb Heaters...900ss

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  1. My bike is fitted ( I think...) with carb heaters. I take it these were a standard fitment to '92 bikes?

    There is a switch on the lines leaving the bottom oil cooler (two fitted to this bike). I'm presuming this is a switch to turn the flow of oil off/on?

    I've attached a pic of how the switch is at the moment. It's been left like this since I bought the bike. Can someone tell me what is on and what is off?

    I've heard they don't work that well anyway, but it would be nice to know...thanks :)
  2. Mine worked quite well.....never had any freezing of fuel in cold temperatures.

    The tap is normally 'OFF' when in line with the bike/main hose and 'ON' when it is across the bike, pointing in to the engine.

    However, yours doesn't resemble the OEM tap/tee I had on mine (or that of another 3 or 4 SSs that I know of).......but it probably works the same way.

    I had the high level cooler and the hose came from the top union on the crankcase to the top of the oil cooler, with the tap just before the oil cooler, so I am assuming that your cooler is fixed in the low position (or it is upside down in the higher position).

  3. Feel the line when the engine is on
  4. Thanks for the responses...much appreciated.

    AL...My bike has a smaller additional cooler fitted up top, so I had a feeling that none of the hoses or the layout of them would be standard. I will switch it over and give it go, if it ever stops raining!

    Des...I will give it a go :)
  5. From what you say, has someone fitted a 600ss slim oil cooler as well as the main one?

    I wonder why.....perhaps they used it regularly as a city bike and it overheated......
  6. The previous owner told me that the bike had a fair bit of work done to it at Baines...The bike is in pretty good nick and was a bit of a garage queen, it's only got 9.5K miles on it.
    The second cooler is short and fat, tucked up high. It has an open air box, K&N and did have Baines adapted cans fitted when I bought it. I've now replaced those with high level Termi's that look and sound the business :)
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