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Oil Recommendations

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Harris911, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. what oil would be recommended for a 94 900ss, 5-40w or 10-40w?, Haynes suggests the former but I was thinking as it is summer use only the later?
  2. Oh Boy, you've opened that perennial can of worms again! Having lit the touchpaper, retire to a safe distance and watch the fireworks : unamused:

    Honestly mate, if you just do a search on this forum (or indeed any other), you could waste your life reading the justification for using one weight/brand over another and still be none the wiser.

    Read the owner's manual and make your own choice, the engine won't blow up as a result, I promise.

    Oh, go on then, I'll start! 15/50 fully synthetic and I'm not going to tell you why :joy:
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  3. Depends on the country you live in, are you in dubai or uk?
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  4. I'd use Motul 300V, (fully synthetic) 10W40, same as I put in my '94 750SS.
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  5. Uk
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  6. For me chief, my own personal opinion, I put motul 300v in all the bikes I have or have owned for the last few years. :upyeah:
  7. A decent quality 10/40 semi will be perfect. I grab all the Castrol gtx when it's on offer at Tesco :upyeah:
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  8. Ignore the engine sticker malarky, those are basically paid for advertizements. That some people follow because they are trained to succumb to the illusion of authority. I with others use motul 300V @Harris911
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  9. Early last year, my Ducati workshop was advised that Motul 300V was not recommended for average and higher mileage motorcycles. The reasons given are that 300V is not blended with sufficient detergents to keep the engine clean and the the in-use life is significantly lower than something like Motul 7100. Having been developed for race engines, 300V is, IMO, optimal for a track bike like my 1098R and V4 which is why I use it and change it every 600 track miles or 3 track days. My Multistrada however gets 7100 which is likely to get a change at 5000 miles instead of 7500. Andy
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  10. Andy I was under the impression that 600v was for race engines
  11. Just had a looksy, It only mentions racing in the small print on the reverse, been using it for years, Blackbirds, Gixer Thou, Beemer K1200, Triumph 1200 and the Mutleys, no adverse problems. 20200616_115511[1].jpg 20200616_115531.jpg
  12. https://www.motul.com/us/en-US/products/300v-factory-line-road-racing-10w40. I have done a bit of background research on the internet and I can see why the recommendation was made. Motul’s own web site recommends changing 300V every 5000km or much more often if used in a track bike. For 7100 the recommended mileage is 7500km. Most modern oil formulations that conform to a common standard to be fair will suit the average rider doing average mileage but like everything in this world, it depends on how and how much you ride your bike that should influence your choice. Back in the day, I was a fan of Morris oils but wind forward 50 years and engines are very different and need the services of an industrial chemist to concoct a magic potion. The search for the perfect oil is identical to the search for the perfect tyre, there is more than one answer which in itself is testament to the quality of the products available. Andy
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  13. Have always changed oil every year, very rare I do more than 3k on either bike, also for me having a good mate who works for the company that is the UK distributor, so I get 300v at cost which really helps :upyeah:
  15. See, I told you this would happen ;)
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  16. LOLZ Its happened before and it'll happen again :astonished:
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  17. Shell advance for me
  18. Motul 7100 15/50 synthetic for me, Nelly recommends it and that’s good enough for me.
    That’s not to say that the oils above aren’t absolutely fine of course.

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