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Oil Stained Wheels

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Expat Jack, Apr 17, 2024.

  1. Anyone got any good ideas on how to remove oil stains from rear wheel? They have been on there for many, many years. I have tried WD40 and cutting compound but no joy. I don’t want to damage the surface.

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  2. I've had great results on stuff like that with hand cleaning wipes.

    Just make sure you've shook the tub around a bit to ensure the one you are pulling out is nice and wet with whatever they put in there.

    The other option is Brake cleaner, which doesn't appear to harm paint or lacquer apart from it possibly needing a polish afterwards.
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  3. Paraffin?
  4. I start with least damaging and work my way up, Gt85- white spirit- methylated spirit- brake cleaner.
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  5. autosmart tardis
  6. Have you tried tar remover
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  7. Thanks all. Tried the wipes. No joy. Will try the other suggestions going least to most abrasive.
    @RC1 do you happen to have a bottle of your suggestion I could try on an inconspicuous area (I’m a bit concerned as it’s a thinner)?
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  8. i think i might ping me tonight and ill check for ya
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  9. its for use on cars and ive used it on mine with no ill effects (and those in the pro detailing community as well) but needs to be used strictly in accordance with instructions
  10. Second for petrol, it’s good on tar stains. Are you sure it’s not splashes of black paint?
  11. Positive. It’s ingrained oil.
  12. I’m sure in that case petrol will shift it without harming the finish.
  13. The other thing might be worth trying is a water-soluble degreaser like Gunk or Jizer. It sound like those spots have thoroughly dried out so you may need to leave whatever the cleaning solution is on for 30 mins or so to soften the spots up before removing.
  14. I think they have penetrated the lacquer right through to be honest. I will be amazed if it’s shiftable without a repaint.
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  15. whwn you said light solvent (WD) or compound won't touch it, i was thinking the same. I wonder if they've already been stripped and re-painted/lacquered because I can't remember ever having that big-a problem removing oil etc from the std painted wheels of that era.
  16. I’m pretty sure they are the original paint. But, they have been sat on a shelf in a workshop for over 20 years with the oil just left on them.
  17. The photo makes it look shiny not matt ? what can happen is if polished to much in the same area can make the matt go a bit shiny.
  18. The rear is quite shiney. The front is as it should be. I think the previous owner has had a good go at removing the stains before and that’s the finish now.
    I think it’s a repaint job if I can be bothered at some point.
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