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Old School 748 Revival....

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by nelly, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Not really had a project of my own for years now, but following a call from a past customer about reviving his 748 back to service, I ended up buying it....
    Back in 2007 I built this bike from the ground up for him. It's done about 4k miles since then and spent the last 5 years or under a cover... It should be a good base line to work from.
    It's a 2001 748 and got treated to a Sigma 853 big bore kit and bespoke FIM eprom, Ohlins rear shock, Marchi' 5 spoke wheels, MPL clutch parts, new calipers and discs and the frame/chassis parts powder coated satin black. Pretty much the "done thing" back then. The chassis got built with new bearings and fasteners throughout. The seat unit is kind of growing on me, but we'll see. I do like the colourway though with the white/black theme.
    The engine is my thing though... I love the 853 conversion and the FIM eprom works really well.
    So while she's never going to be a minter, she'll be a tidy little road tool and maybe see a track day or to.
    First up will come a strip down to see where we are and what needs doing. Aside from a good service and refresh, the forks are shot for a start so that's the first thing on the list. A stock set of Showa will be more than adequate and will get treated to new bushings, seals etc. and a K-Tech SSK20 piston kit.
    It's going to be a steady job to fit in around the workshop, but i'll keep snippets coming as things evolve.


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  2. Black and white, @chizel will be wetting himself.
    Looking forward to progress.
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  3. Are white ones faster than yellow ones?
    I bet your's is fastest of all the fast ones :upyeah: looking forward to this thread
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  4. My she has a big bum;)
    Like the colour scheme.
  5. My own bike from back then was Yellow and that was quick. Long gone now and no idea where it is. If it all goes to plan, this one will be "nippy". Things have moved on and what was quick back then is quite steady nowadays, but it'll be a useful road tool.
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  6. Those seat units were always horrible. Could be worse...could be one of the **9 versions!
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  7. Looking forward to this but that seat unit needs to go. :eek:
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  8. E63FFF56-03B6-414A-9CE2-CFE8200840F4.jpeg
    I agree, here’s one!
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  9. It's half white - sure it would go :D
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  10. A thread by our inhouse question answering technician,should be to a very high standard then.:upyeah:
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  11. We'll see. I've built it once so it's a solid base to work from. It'll be a revival not a resto' so i'm wanting to sort it mechanically rather than cosmetically. The forks are shot so a replacement set needs to be found and while they work, I do like strong brakes so i'll look at a master cylinder upgrade and probably pads. It's clothed in pattern bodywork and that seat seems to be dividing opinion, but I don't want to throw ££'s at it making it pretty. It'll look ok, but this will be all about sorting a solid, useful bike out on a reasonable budget.
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  12. Got a bip seat unit if u need one Neil. Needs painting to
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  13. Should be a walk in the park for you sir:upyeah:& don't give many trade secrets away or you'll run out of work.;)
  14. Thanks Paul. I’ve got a bp that came with bike. Not sure what to do with the seat yet in truth, but if I swap it, probably stay with a mono.
    Shame you bust your forks
  15. Thought that when i saw the post. Sold them a couple of months ago. Got a few bits left if u need owt.
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  16. I was gunna say I prefer less white more black but that could be misconstrued!!!
    Loving it so far , love 748's and a good build thread..
    Nelly ain't a bad chap either so I'm glued already!
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  17. The seat unit looks awful. But that could be remedied easily & cheaply with some black decals designed to reduce the visual volume. I'd give it some thought & get Image Works on the case.
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  18. Well, you are a kiwi fella....
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  19. What's up with the forks @nelly are they not fixable?

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