Featured Olivers Mount Back On With 2 Meets In 2019 :-)

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  2. Years since I was there. Happy memories.
  3. Me too, last went on a Gpz1100, apart from having a ride to the cafe and round the circuit a couple of years ago...
  4. Me three. Must be 25 years ago. I took SWMBO’s best friend as a pillion. She was a brilliant pillion.

    Unfortunately she died from cancer about 8 years ago. We still miss her immensely.
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  5. It was published on the 5th March 2019 (2 days ago) - I found it after the evening news yesterday on ITV stated 2 meetings were to take place this year :thinkingface:
  6. Great news. I remember watching Sheene, Grant and many others at what was the most exciting road circuit around (TT excluded!).
    Hope to get up there if it happens.
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  7. https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/scarborough-circuit.68562/#post-1308499. If ITV had read the article, it clearly states that there are issues still to resolve, not least of all, safety modifications to the circuit which have yet to start. Whilst Mick Grant manages several successful UK riders and he and Eddie Roberts are working closely with race marshals, I don’t see the circuit management or race promotion experience. Old British ex motorcycle racers do not have a good track record in delivering road races. The debacle that was bringing road racing to Wales (not the Circuit of Wales scam) last year springs to mind. I sincerely do hope they can return quality racing to Oliver’s Mount but I’ll not get excited until it’s a done deal. Andy
  8. They were reporting on a council meeting that day evidently, not the web link, let’s see what happens :):upyeah:
  9. I hope it gets sorted, it would be a great shame to lose it permanently.
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  10. Great news.It was my first bike trip and race meeting Ona Suzuki GT 250. Saw Grant Ditchburn Fogarty never saw Sheene ,he had broken a leg .
    Parked next to a Kawasaki Z900 ,totally blown away by it .40 years later got one to restore.
    Great memories.
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  11. That place takes me back to my youth. When everyone was razzing round on LC's. I had a Z250 (slow as a boat, but needed a 4 stroke for fuel economy) and everytime we went over there it was either pissing down and or windy. The weather was shite in those days....:laughing:
  12. Erm I think Roberts and Granty have quite a lot of experience dude...
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  13. Look forward to returning there, I have been to Olivers Mount almost every year since my first visit to the spring national in 1986. I was on a GSX400/4 with 2 lads (who were much better riders) on RG250s who asked me to slow down on the way there due to fuel consumption issues, or maybe they could sense I was pushing too hard only 4 months after passing my test and wanted me to get there in 1 piece so we could watch their brother in his race.
    That day I got in for nothing, but the prices had become rather greedy in recent years.
    I hope they get it right and the crowds fill the hillsides again.
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  14. Starting to get excited yet? :eyes:
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  15. Dean Harrison and Pup showing his motocross background !

  16. No. Why, should I be ? Andy
  17. Yes, apparently :bucktooth: