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Only One Key!

Discussion in 'Supersport (2016 onwards)' started by mentalist, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. Hi,
    Just put a deposit on a 2019 supersport s 939.
    But have just found out it only has one key.
    Did these come with a red key to programe a spare black key?
    Can you buy spare keys.
    Any help appriciated before i cancel my order.
  2. You get just 2 black keys when supplied new. The dash has a PIN code that is set by the user. A Ducati dealer can reset this PIN code if lost. Key programming is done via a Ducati dealer.

    If you do not have a handbook then download it from the Ducati website.
  3. Thanks
    My hyperstrada came with two black keys and a red one. Also has a pin code for the dash, four digit. So presumed this would be the same.
    Spoke to the salesman and said i want a spare key sorting before i complete the sale.
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  4. As above, just 2 black keys. Get the dealer to sort it and to Zero the PIN code before you buy it.
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