Operation 'restore 748 for a mate' begins...

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  1. Hi everyone, very new here and definitely not very au fait with ducatis but I know I can do this with a bit of help/advice/support from you all :smile:

    Here's why I joined here the other day: http://ducatiforum.co.uk/f13/why-im-here-not-usual-story-14380/#post217978

    After a nice warm welcome I set to looking around the 748 that sits rotting in my garage and boxes of parts that were not labelled or separated! This bike is not intended to be a full ground up rebuild, I don't have the money and my friend (the owner) has zero. I just don't want it sat with various guts hanging out in part race guise when it should be ready and raring to go for a road journey as and when possible.

    so this is how she looks right now, not too bad until you go a little closer and find missing engine casing bolts, clutch cylinders and line missing, mangled Cush drive, knacked chain and sprockets etc etc. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    i needed an area to get started on the bike so set to getting a corner of the garage set up...





  2. I got some floor paint down and realised I needed some racking not just for the future but definitely for all of the panels and parts, this got sorted today image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    with the garage setup a bit more and some tools easily to hand I had a closer look at what I was dealing with.

    a continual oil leak made me look at the near side casing, looks like its been removed and only a few bolts have been put back withe sealant or gasket behind having perished. I'm going to need some new bolts for that as well as clutch slave cylinder bolts and fittings. I'll have to dig these bits out of the manual and beg for any spares available. I decided to drop the oil completely and found this lovely lot on the drain plug...advice welcomed image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg






  3. As the bike is very new to me you'll understand I want to take my time but advice is so appreciated. I found a manual to download but it seems to have 4 different languages on each page?! Makes for hard reading so if there's any other suggestions then I'm all ears :upyeah:

    I've made a list of my current situation for parts that are needed and items I can sell in order to raise funds to buy needed parts:

    Ducati 748 problems/replacements

    Buckled rear wheel
    Broken Cush drive/carrier
    Needs new chain and sprockets - front and back
    Clutch master to slave cylinder line failed - refurbish/replace
    Headlamp has broken on one side
    Oil leaking from the top of the engine beneath exhaust outlet
    New battery
    Front paddock stand
    Needs new near side clip-on

    Parts available for sale/swap for new parts

    Race fairings
    Pair wet tyres 748 fitment
    Pair of exhausts in carbon if they fail MOT's?

    This is all at a first glance of course and I'm waiting for confirmation from another team mate of what engine and brakes/suspension work was completed before the races.

    one final thing I just noticed is fluid just resting on top of the engine beneath the upper exhaust exit - any ideas what this could be flowing from?


    ill be updating this regularly as I'm off work at the moment and need to get it sorted. I need to get the rear wheel and sprockets etc off and I don't have a socket large enough for the nut - is it a 36mm?

    So many questions! :biggrin:

  4. Lots to read through, and good luck :upyeah: My guess for the small amount of oil pooling behind the rear cylinder is no more serious than the breather. They tend to leak/sweat oil and it's fairly common, not a big deal. I had one that did that, I just wiped it down every now and then :wink:
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  5. The wheel nut is 46mm, and that, unfortunately, is the sum total of my technical expertise where Ducatis are concerned. Get a 3/4" drive socket on it, if you try attacking it with a 1/2" drive it'll just laugh at you.
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  6. You`ll need a 41mm nut to get the rear sprocket carrier etc off. In all honesty, ebay is your friend for most of them bits. Thats where I got most of my bits from. Id go for a DID extreme chain kit. I got the JT rear sprocket which comes with its own quick change carrier, so that there will tick off a few things off your list. Replacement headlamps are on ebay, around £100 usually. You can get a replacement back wheel, clip on and even battery - although make sure you get the right size battery.

    The carbon exhaust is fine, MOT places these days will pass pretty much any exhaust. My 996`s carbon exhaust is mega loud - certainly louder than the termignoni system I had on my 748 and yet the garage didnt even raise an eye brow. I have known some garages to mark the exhaust down as an advisory "noisy exhaust", but its not a failure.

    The oil where you mention, id check around that oil breather pipe first to make sure its okay, then clean the oil all up & monitor to see if & where it re-appears from.
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  7. ARGH! I just ordered a 46mm last night and it was posted this morning! Definitely a 41mm rather than a 46 as figaro said?
  8. The wheel nut is 46mm, the sprocket carrier is 41mm. You asked for size for wheel...
  9. Absolutely buddy and that clarifies thank you, still learning as i go ;-)
  10. Hahaha, had you worried there. Yep, they are different sizes, 46mm for wheel & 41mm for other side where the sprocket is bolted onto. The front sprocket is held on by a thing spacer which slides onto the slines, turns a fraction to hold the sprocket on, then 2 small bolts go through the whole lot - so you`ll need to see if you have those bits in that box of bits. Im not sure why someone would undo the clutch slave like that though, you dont need to do that in order to get the sprocket off.

    Also, those filings on the drain plug, quite a few of them there, but in the past i have been told that is normal and its just bits of wear from the gearbox. If you get any massive lumps of metal then that is when you have to worry. Dont forget to get the gause plug thing above the drain plug out too and see what thats like - can clean that up with petrol etc.
  11. The clipon clamp needs to be correct when you buy one, earlier ones are one bolt on the fork stem and later ones are two bolt. The handlebars are also different from early to late as the roll pins are in different places, you have an early engine there so I am guessing you have the early brake\clipon setup, they are interchangeable with work though. Some bikes like the 748SPS are hybrids in the brake\clipon department which sometimes causes confusion when marrying up parts.

    I guess this is a straight biposto early model looks like a 1997 example.