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Opie Oils Psa

Discussion in 'Opie Oils' started by DucatiScud, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. Opie oils 20% off until midnight tonight
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  2. Nice one, just ordered some 2 stroke oil :upyeah:
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  3. Well that’s 8 litres of 2 stroke oil ordered for the lads Aprilia, should last him a good while.

    500 mls does him for around 500 miles.:)
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  4. strawberry flavour?

    I might have bought similar for a stinkwheel I was after recently, but got gazumped.
  5. Not sure, don’t think Motul do a flavour, found a castor oil based premix from Germany might buy some to add into his oil.

    What model were you looking at, tempted to try for an old Eddie Lawson Mito but the prices are starting to go crazy for the round twin headlight versions. Rising up close to 5k for a very good condition bike.

    Nothing quite like following the nipper for the smell of 2 stroke burn, some days 7 hours of following.
  6. it was a Supercity with 1500 miles on it for not much $ but couldn't arrange a courier quick enough.
    I will have to get in the mood for fixing a couple up now instead..
  7. Not a bad bike, don’t see very many of those.
  8. so much fun, and underrated. Twin water rads were so efficient that I had to almost fully blank them for a cold winter!
  9. FB marketplace can be a good place to look on occasion.
  10. yes, I hear this. I wasn't actively looking and it just popped up so it was partly my slow-motion response to it that helped me lose it, can't see one popping up like that possibly ever again now.
  11. [​IMG]

    nice, i'm probably biased. ;)

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Proper rare TDR 250? So wanted one back in the day a proper supermoto.:upyeah::upyeah:
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  14. that's been up for soooo long now, i'm sorry to "badmouth" the bike, but look closely, as despite the very desirable low mileage, this has been sitting for a good while. If i was buying it, I would insist on stripping off the "carbon" wrap on the forks just to see how bad the tubes are.
    #16 Chris, Nov 22, 2022
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  15. It’s good to hear that some young people are enthusiastic about 2 strokes , keeps the bikes alive.
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  16. 20% Opie Oils sale again folks Screenshot_20221206-123316.png
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