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Painting Magnesium Engine Cases.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Biot, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. I have purchased a magnesium r/h/s engine case from an 1199. However some of the paint is off.
    Anyone had one repainted in original colour? It’s go no dents or deep scratches; just looks tatty.



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  2. I believe the colour is indian finial gold
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  3. Media blast and powder coat :)
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  4. Cheers guys. Any recommendations for competent bods to do it?
  5. Bloke who builds my engines is happy with the cases he gets done. Don’t know who he uses but I can ask.
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  6. Cheers Andy, much appreciated :upyeah:
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  7. +1 for steve at tcps. He knows how to handle magnesium. The only caveat is that his powdercoat colour range may be limited.
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  8. Thanks all.
    I’ll ring Monday and get the low down.
  9. Spoke to Steve at TCPS. He’s happy to do it but not sure he can get the colour match.
    Rang my local Ducaaaati dealer and they don’t have paint codes for the bikes. Crap.
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  10. Try Wesley Dunford at Hi-Spec Coatings in Sussex. He can Cerakote it and colour match it to your other magnesium parts. Not the cheapest option but the best outcome you can get. Mention my name (Rod). I don't get a discount or commission BTW. He did all the coating on my V4S project.
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  11. My RC30 was fettled by Steve and Brian Capper (RIP)
    25-03-08_1124.jpg 26-03-08_1122.jpg 25-03-08_1151.jpg 26-03-08_1259.jpg
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  12. Thanks for all your replies.
    Rod I spoke to Ian at Carl H emporium and he pointed me to Lustre Coatings off the A140! Are these the peeps you used before? (still owe you a beer for my tail tidy too).
  13. I struggled to find anywhere / anyone to do mine, so have had a cover fabricated instead to hide the mess






  14. Paint Supremacy did mine, think you will struggle to find anyone better imo, he’s fussier than me if that’s actually possible..



    Mark is your Guy...

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  15. Cheers Noods. Where’s he based?
  16. https://m.facebook.com/paintsupremacy/ Mark...

    Lincoln mte, he’s a one man band check out his work on the FB link above... I don’t know how he even manages to start some of his projects, incredible... you can post your bits to him if required but you need to speak with him first, there’s no decals with his work either it’s all paint.. x


    Kawasaki custom OZ wheels, took over 300 masks to produce this .. x
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