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V4 Panigale 1199/1299 V4 S Models Marchesini Forged Alloy Wheel Weights

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by Dave dunlop, Jan 13, 2020 at 5:01 PM.

  1. As above does anyone happen to know the weight of Panigale 1199s/1299s V4s front and rear Marchesini forged alloy wheels from the S models not base model. Preferably with no tyres or front discs. Can’t find any info on the old inter web that’s of any use. Thanks:cool:
  2. 1199s forged and 1199 Base case wheel weights.

    1199s F Wheel = 6.8 lbs (w/ bearings, no rotors/spacers)
    1199s R Wheel = 7.8 lbs

    1199 Base F Wheel = 9.4 lbs (w/ bearings, no rotors/spacers)
    1199 Base F Wheel = 12.2 lbs

    Difference F = -2.6 lbs
    Difference R = -4.4 lbs

    From my research when I was looking at wheel options ....
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  3. Not interested in carbon wheels at all?
  4. You selling???
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  5. Much appreciated that.... I’m thinking the V4S wheels might possibly be lighter again, They look identical but upon closer inspection they are slightly different in the machining!
  6. I'll tell you next week when I get home. I've a pair from my V4S in the loft. Send me a PM to remind me :):upyeah:
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  7. Blimey, that's quite significant!

    As a side note. I fitted BST carbon wheels on my 1098R (now on my V4S) and I couldn't feel the difference on track. But tbf, the OE wheels on the 1098R are pretty fekin light....
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  8. After some digging around I’ve managed to find the information required... Panigale V4s Marchesini forged OE wheels

    Front wheel with no discs but including spacers and valve... 7.50 lbs
    Rear 8.05 lbs.....

    So slightly heavier than Dibbles 1199s figures. Obviously the front two spacers and valves were included on my figures. But super light all the same. Very surprised indeed! So to really feel any benefits you would definitely need to go Magnesium or Carbon... I’ve an option of fitted my old Oz Gass front wheel off the 959 as it’s the same fitment for the V4, Just leaves me with having to purchase a new rear. Luckily for me I get a good trade discount via work connections.

    Really didn’t want to be adding weight from the OE Marchesini S wheels to the Oz Gass wheels but turns out the OZ wheels are still slightly lighter by a small margin. Its probably not even going to be noticeable but they just look dead cool in the Gold! just brings the bike into another dimension and really pops...Plus I much prefer the spoke arrangement on the Oz wheels....
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  9. 609E4F69-CC4C-4A20-9262-AAE13D0F1EE8.jpeg
    No, my o/e 899 wheels are on here for sale as I’ve gone carbon.
    This is the weight of my front wheel with bearings & valve but no discs/phonic ring.
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  10. So Dave - when does the V4S arrive? - Or do you already have it? :cool:
  11. 701A266D-782A-4014-9C38-AE17AC5F6FEC.jpeg DF37AACC-95CE-4267-B6FC-6D15ED3E9980.jpeg C48C465F-1ACF-4EE6-829E-47E0384EA232.jpeg 04370A3A-9F0D-42A1-A719-421CD1A6D551.jpeg
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  12. Now that is a bloody lovely bike!

    I not so keen on the V4 in standard livery but the Corse is sex on wheels!

    I look forwards to seeing what you do with it! I bet you won’t be able to leave it as standard! :grinning:
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  13. A few additional bits added:D

    48D506FD-8C18-4DCD-9F8A-41E7B0D2EBDF.jpeg 94BE0735-C82E-420F-AE22-70678C0DC4CC.jpeg B95A3642-C4D9-4EE2-9B5F-F94D886264DF.jpeg 720F6BF0-2F24-41CF-BD79-8F878DFD5474.jpeg
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  14. Stunning! Are you running race shift or road Dave? Just wondered how tricky it would be to swap as normally I just relocate the spigot but looks like I may have clearance issues with the Ducati! Loving the top yolk
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  15. And a few bits removed.... Evaps all gone, Carbon undertank protector, clear stompgrip, Renthal sprocket carrier plus Ducabike rear wheel nuts, Rear Carbon Hugger, loads of Ti bolts, PO8 filter fitted, Still waiting for other parts to arrive:astonished: Biggest visual transformation will be the wheels! As light as the Marchesini wheels are the Oz’s will be returning:yum slightly lighter but from my point of view far more attractive. Never been a real fan of the chicken footed spoke design on the OE wheels:eek:
    19D0A4A1-E4E4-4119-B43E-403D018611B9.jpeg 7DE797ED-2A53-4AF8-B597-EB35C22E0554.jpeg B417BFCB-EEBD-4F4E-A4A1-7F1B90C874FE.jpeg 8C668F9A-7398-4165-820D-D0934FD4B7D8.jpeg 6B78E3EF-41F1-4ACA-9044-0BEF8613AB6E.jpeg 20B87674-FE5A-4F5B-8825-2FE1C90C9DB4.jpeg 139582F5-D05E-4AB7-9CB0-14336F9D634A.jpeg
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  16. Just mocked up for now but will be running race shift, just requires shifting the rod to the bottom fixing already installed. It’s bloody tight though and think it’s going to require some modifications. Removing OE shift rod was a mission! Well least till I added some heat. The yoke was really extravagant but I managed to get a half decent price back on the old Ducabike item... It’s on a completely different level and super happy with the engineering quality.
  17. Thanks buddy,be good to see it with wheels on! Love the way you have it in the houseI tried! I failed!!,
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  18. This may be the stupidest question on the internet, but is that saying the front wheel is 236 grams?!
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  19. 2363 grams
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  20. Phew!
    Was taking the bit at the top as if it was a decimal point....oops.

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