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For Sale Panigale 1199r Track Bike

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by North996, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm considering putting my 1199R track bike up for sale. Its a 2014 model that was built from a cat D bike. Almost all of the damage was cosmetic, the only remaining legacy of it's accident is a broken lockstop on the lower yoke (it now has fork travel stops mounted on the forks instead as the original stops seem to have been formed from cheese!) I have pictures in it's pre-repair condition available as well.
    Less than 5k miles, I've only done 1 trackday since building it a couple of years ago but since then my Missus has been through the 'cancer hell' that sadly seems all too common nowadays and now she worries herself sick at the thought of me going on track as she doesn't think she'd cope if I crocked myself. So instead I've bought a 45 year old Alfa coupe (in keeping with the red & Italian theme!) that we both can enjoy together rather than me tearing around a track on my own.

    Std engine internals
    Woolich tuned (mapped by ‘big Stu’ at SYT just outside Edinburgh), top tuner and all round good egg!
    Termignoni Force underseat system (Paul Bird Motorsport edition)
    Rizoma rearsets, modified to folding pegs.
    Bikesport Developments auto-blipper (clutchless downshifts)
    Carbon tank extender and race seat
    GB Racing crash protection
    Folding levers
    OE 1299 Bodywork painted in race colours (Dave Warburtons if you know him)
    Ducati head and tailight blanks
    Mirror blanks
    FullSix carbon front fairing/headlight holder (£600+ item but has had a minor repair)
    Choice of Std wheels or for £1000 more, a pair of BST carbon wheels, discs and new slicks.
    Brembo race pads
    V5 present in my name along with all handbooks, service book and second key.
    Other than the lock stop and repair on the headlight holder, she's in very good condition, you won't find many track bikes in better nick.

    I did MOT it the year before last as I was originally going to use it as my road bike but IMHO these are simply too mental for the road if you really use it properly! The track is where this machine really shines hence this V2.0 build.

    It's currently sitting in Mick Boasman's place at Bikesport Developments down in Oxfordshire as he used her to develop some new electronic gizmo's over the winter. If you'd like to check her out give me a shout and I'll check with Mick when is the best time for you to go and visit him.

    Asking £13500 with the std wheels, £14500 with the BSTs or £14995 with both sets of wheels.

    Also available by separate negotiation are: a pukka Corse underseat exhaust system
    Fullsix carbon race belly pan which works with this exhaust and OE bodywork
    Motoholders front (with carbon snorkel) and rear race subframes.

    Not too bothered if she doesn't sell but I might as well offer her out there instead of sitting in my garage (when I eventually get a chance to pick her up - soz Mick!).
    Any questions just fire a message my way, cheers all.................... Chris

    PS ignore the Belgian flag, I work here during the week but home at the weekends.



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  2. Nice bike, paint scheme looks great :upyeah:
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  3. GLWS Chris. Bike looks mint.
    Sorry to hear about the Mrs!

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  4. Cheers Ian, yep it’s been a rough couple of years buddy but she’s doing fine now. Certainly not the greatest 40th birthday present to be told that you’ve got breast cancer in both sides. She’s still here though and many girls in her shoes haven’t made it through the ordeal. She’s a tough cookie for sure.
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  5. That's a serious motorcycle mate
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  6. Jeez, sorry to hear about SWMBO and you’re doing a very considerate thing GLWS:upyeah:
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  7. Cheers Paul. She’s a great girl and has let me away with murder over the years (buying crazy sh*t mostly!) so it’s the least I can do I guess. I’ll still build all my ‘babies’ down in my lockup as it’s the only thing that keeps me (relativity) sane but I’ll just have to get my track-fix on 4 wheels.
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  8. I bet if you put those BST carbon wheels on the Bay of E for £2k someone would have your arm off within the day as second hand ones are as rare as rocking horse shit.....

    I want some for my project bike and have been looking for ages. Unfortunately, my bike is based around an S4 which has a small rear hub or I'd be PM'ing you rather than typing this.
  9. That aren't much more new, and HPS nearly always have 0% finance
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  10. £2,700 I think. But they're so sought after and so rare second hand that I reckon they'd sell for £2k. I formed a one man focus group to analyse this issue and after much deliberation and debate with myself I decided I would buy a pair for that price if they ever came up.
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  11. Buy new. You'll know their history from day dot, which is important with BST's or any CF wheels. I've been down the same route as you and yeah, they do strong money second hand so you may as well buy new. I don't think the relatively small cash you save buying second hand is worth it. That was the conclusion I reached anyway :):upyeah:
    And as bradders says, HPS do 0% finance deals. No brainer.
  12. Beautiful bike mate, sorry to hear of your wife's horrible illness. Certainly puts things in perspective.

    Is that one of Warby's old bikes? Or just the bodywork? I know Dave and no one prepare's and maintains a track bike quite like him. His attention to detail and perfection is amazing. GLWS, I'm sure it will sell sharpish. Wish I could buy it myself! :):upyeah:
  13. What a beauty!
    I was lucky enough to have a set of BSTs thrown in with a bike I recently bought. They are currently back in Jo’burg for a safety check and refurb. What price peace of mind?
    2k all day long on the s/h market!
  14. Keep an eye out around TT and some racing points, they often do vat-free sales :upyeah:

    Apologies for the off topic OP
  15. Hi MH,
    Many thanks for the kind thoughts and "it sure does". Just the bodywork from Warby which I came about by chance via another vendor but I previously bought a load of parts from him directly for my 1098R which I had before this one. And you're absolutely correct, anything he has a hand in is bob-on hence the success of his restoration business.
    I'm not desperate to sell and I'm probably asking strong money for a categoried bike but if it doesn't go at this price then I'll just hang on to her, she's a pretty thing just to sit on and go "vroom, vroom" in the garage now and again!
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  16. Does it still have the normal headlights and tailights if I want to make it for road use?
  17. Not included, but I do have an LED headlight, tail light and full bodywork (1299) in red available in a separate package.
  18. Thanks Chris, and thank you for the bike

    New happy owner
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  19. Wooo hooo, lucky you! Enjoy!
  20. This was a quick sale :)
    Enjoy the "thrills" :upyeah:
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