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For Sale Panigale 1299 Will Take 899 In P/x

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by alex mansell, Apr 24, 2020.

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  1. Right looks like I’m going to part exchange this 1299 for a r1m but willing to do a deal with a 899 in white .

    Over the last few weeks Iv sold my 2015 tuono , MY 2015 s1000rr gen3 and now my gen1 s1000rr 2011 track bike , and always wanted a panigale 899 for the track and road . A dealer has offer me £10800 for the 1299 in part ex against a R1M but Seeing if anyone is interested in a cash sale or p/x plus cash my way for a 899 .

    2016 panigale 1299
    Done 9410 miles
    Service history
    24/03/16 @ 7 miles
    31/03/17 @ 1610 miles
    13/01/18 @ 5530 miles
    22/02/19 @ 7939 miles
    29/07/19 @ 9040 miles

    MOT 25/07/2020
    comes fitted with supercorsa Tires have done around 500 mile

    aluminium Reservoir caps
    intergrated rear light and indicators radiator guards
    new lithium battery
    2 keys Ducati alarm with 2 fobs.
    Throttle spacers .
    Exhaust valve motor , cable and flapper removed.
    All original panels that have been cover in the race bike rep sticker kit .











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  2. Sold please close
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  3. Done :)
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