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Panigale Gallery

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Carlosoul, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Well they are in the country and looking good...

    ...now were did my missus put her purse
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  2. Panigale Pictures & Videos

    Post your pictures & videos here :cool::cool:
  3. where are they in the country? i thought they weren't due until april?
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  4. IMG00080-20120224-1023.jpg motorapido_final_2012.jpg

    Here are our race bikes....we were working on them yesterday in Winchester......

    Another victim of the pics cock up...in case you hadnt noticed, this is NOT one of the Panigale race bikes.......


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  5. Good luck with the testing tomorrow, Nog...keep us posted.
  6. I've started a blog Eoin, to kinda diarise the team through the season.......its in the race section here.....
  7. Cheers Dave, I'll take a little look.
  8. [​IMG]

    The Ducati Wolves demo bike at a very wet Bridgenorth station. I enjoyed the ride depite the wet!
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  9. Why has Nogs photepost become a multi with Andy W written on it?

    Heres one from assen last week...


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  10. Oh my!!!!!!!! :cool:
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  11. Farted...? :eek:

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. ducati-1199-panigale-bianca-blanc-weiss.jpg ducati-1199-white-bianca-1.jpg ducati-1199-white-bianca-2.jpg ducati-1199-white-bianca-3.jpg




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