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1299 Panigale R Ohlins

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Matthew Barbee, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    My question...

    Are the ohlins forks from the Pani R (the manual ones) a decent enough upgrade to the base 1299 Marzocchis?

    I know it’s an upgrade but are they only a shadow of the aftermarket ohlins.
    This is for a dedicated track bike.
    I’ve got a ttx shock on now and just considering my fork options.

    My base forks are bent so cartridges aren’t an option without first getting my forks straightened. I just want a decent enough upgrade without breaking the bank too much.
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  2. A pogo stick would be an upgrade over the Marzocchis. You could replace the innards with a cartridge kit. Andy
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  3. :joy::joy:
    I’ve just edited my original post. My forks are bent. According to my mechanic friend who put them on his lathe, they are both about 1mm out.
  4. If you change you will need a new top yolk and clipons also
  5. Yeah, luckily I still have a top yolk and clip ons from my 899 that i stripped and sold for parts.
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  6. Hi, Matthew. I done this swap about 2500 miles ago, 80 percent road use, novice track use. I didn't like the Marzocchi forks, no rebound difference between full and minimum. Bought R Ohlins from the States, paid about £200 import tax on top of cost. For my road based use they were too firm, For the track may have been fine. I took them for a service and revalve, and setup on the bike, to MCT. Had the TTX done at the same time. Since then, on the road, the suspension is very compliant, and settles immediately after a bump. When riding a fast B road, she no longer feels like I'm bouncing off the hedges right and left of the tarmac! Have only done a couple of track days, and I don't know if i am fast enough to feel the benefits, but the bike is controlled nicely (at my speed) to let me put her where I like. Money well spent for me. And they look sooo pretty, win! Hope this is helpful, Dave
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  7. Did you ever go for this change? Just wondered as no reply. Another change I've heard of is the Showa forks from 959 etc. As stock they're supposed to be better than the Marzocchi, with less likelihood of the well documented failures.
  8. Hi,

    I haven’t done it yet. Still waiting on a set of used R forks to come up for sale. Suppose I’ll be waiting a while. My track seasons over until next year now so I’ve got some time. If I have to I’ll go for a set of new aftermarket ohlins but rather hold out for a good used set.
    I had a set of 899 forks with bitubo internals that I stupidly sold before I got my 1299. I’m a sucker for the gold though So would prefer ohlins.
  9. Yeah, I found getting my Bitubo rear shock serviced PROPERLY on my C1 ZX10r was a BITCH. Would not use them again. You can get Ohlins serviced well in many places. The 899/959 forks come up for sale regularly tho', then just take em to your favoured maestro!
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