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1199 Panigale R Safety Recall Cr180

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Robarano, Oct 25, 2019.

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  2. Got one as well
  3. Nothing for me yet.
  4. Mine was done when in for Service recently, only found out the other day when I rang JHP. :)
  5. Just checked Ducati recall site. My bike is recalled too. Letter in post no doubt.
  6. So it's every 1199 / 1299?

    Can't be much of a problem really!
  7. Just the Pani R, Pani R FE & Superleggera.

    Looks to be everything with the SL generation engine.
  8. It's because the Pani R's (Inc FE) and SL1&2's have 2 ring Pistons instead of 3, so I believe. The normal 11/1299's use 3 piston rings. The 3rd ring is the oil retainer ring, so the other models may not be affected?

    The recall of Cr180 is known as 'The Blow by Valve'. As I understand it, it's supposed to drain away excess Engine Oil without filling up, or from the Airbox and also without dropping in the path of the rear wheel. Hence why it's a 'safety recall'.
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  9. Anyone had this done yet? If so, how long did the job take please?
  10. Shouldn’t take long if the parts are in stock at the factory to do the job. Mine took 7 days but had a service and a few other bits and bobs done.
  11. Thanks. Got a voicemail saying that parts are in today.
  12. I'm going to ring jhp tomorrow .
  13. Did you get a letter yet Al? I have not had anything yet but my bike was on the recall system so I just called Blade and got them in it. That was about 10 days ago.
  14. @Expat Jack not yet mate but the bike is registered at my folks house il tell um to keep an eye out for it.
  15. No letter for me either, I haven’t got transport to get it into dealers so no big issue....yet!
  16. I’m riding mine in a week tomorrow so will let all know how long it takes. Couple of hours at a guess.
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  17. You don't need the letter, just book them in. I received my letter after the work was done. JHP told me about the recall and they did it whilst in the shop. All I had to do was sign there warranty paperwork. Job Done. I'll find out if it works soon enough.
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  18. I've booked mine in for next week for service, recall and suspension set up at jhp.
  19. Mine done today. A couple of hours work.
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  20. Booked mine in yesterday along with a service. Parts ordered and going in, in a couple of weeks. :)
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