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  1. I’ve been constantly keeping an eye on most panigales for sale from the 899 all the way through the range and have noticed a worrying trend of them selling for quite low prices, as I’m going to be selling mine soon to get an 1198 and go Old skool I find this a little concerning.
    Obviously there’s always the dreamers that advertise way too high and confuse the market.
    Now I’m confused as to what to put it up for sale for or just do a 99p eBay start auction.
    Does anybody have any insight to this dilemma?
    Maybe pcp is to blame for retail price drops?
  2. I see 899's up for sale, 8k plus on a 2013 or 14 plate and chuckle. its a 6k bike really, and lucky to get that form a dealer, as most bikes will lose 50% or so over a 3yr period.

    My 10m old S1000R was 12500 new, and 9k as a trade in cost. My multi was 17k new, and I managed to get 10300 to clear the balloon after 2yrs as I was buying another for 18k from same dealer. Otherwise, it was under 10k....2 yrs...
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  3. Do your homework on new/secondhand dealer prices plus the private ones for comparision,then this way you'll find the correct sale price for the advertisement of yours at the price you would accept:upyeah:
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  4. They are worth about 20% less than people think, in all my time here I've seen maybe 2 advertised at what I think are the right prices, others have sold but we have no idea of what the closing prices are ....
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  5. My 14 899 went up in June for for 8.5 I think. Paid £9k for it in Jan.
    Ended up getting £7.6k total (£200 was first guys deposit, cancelled all my adverts, he then cancelled on me, gave him 100 back) £7.5k for the bike.

    4k miles, tail tidy, grips and that was all it had on it, three obvious marks, one down to the white.

    I saw a guy on 899/959 owners club on FB other day put his similar one up for 9.5k and when I told him to have a word he said "Nah mate I've just paid 10.5 from Cuba moto"

    It's not what you paid for it, its what it's worth.
    Current PCP has to have an effect, Pour example new Gixer thou has a deal going atm, £139 a month.
    Tough for people looking for a bike to ignore.
  6. Yeah think all the comments are spot on. I’m not a greedy man and never have been, I understand the concept of losing value and that anything with tits and wheels will drain your wallet.
    I’ve never been one for overpriced adverts as I think it’s a waste of money to keep renewing an unfeasible ad to only lower 2 months later.
    Also understand that motorcycles are seasonal affairs with most people so that alters perceived values (supply and demand)
    I get annoyed by overpriced stuff cocking the market place percentages tho because some dealer has a bike up at 100000000 pounds that means that every geezer selling theirs ultimately believe that’s the new market price when
    In reality it will never sell.
    The only true value of an item is to auction it as that’s the value that was prepared to be paid on that given day.
    Shame: but there you have it
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  7. I've had a few Japanese classic bikes over the past 3-4 years and mostly broke even or made money, plus enjoyed riding them. Last year I made the mistake of buying a new, leftover 2016 1290 SDR for $12K which i thought was a bargain. Spent $3K in tasty mods, did 180 miles on it, and just sold it for a $4500 loss. I also bought a new Z900RS which was only $9K (but spent $7k modding it). No plan to sell that (but if I did I would lose big time). No more new bikes for me. I much prefer the idea of a 1098/1198. :upyeah::upyeah:
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  8. Like houses, they are only worth what someone else is willing to pay on the day. A nice clean, low miles bike will sell before a tatty one but may not fetch much more - especially when the market gets flooded with ex-PCP Gixxers :eek: consumer confidence seems to have depleted for a number of reasons so waiting till next spring may not really be an option either.
    GLWS, sounds like a good bike so should sell
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  9. Yeah the pcp thing has buggered a lot of markets I think, personally I’ve never had any form of pcp but I can see how it becomes a great option for wanting new things but that’s a social problem in life and a subject I will steer clear of.
    Will probably bang her on the bay and buckle up to be prepared for the onslaught of ridiculous questions and statements lol
    Reckons I will sell the suspension private tho as most advice on here states that bikes with goodies don’t sell for much more so return to stock and sell bits separate
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  10. If the goodies are expensive it's more financially sound to go through the grief of selling them separately - just means more adverts and posting. Goodies may make the bike sell quicker but you won't get the money back for them :(
    I made the mistake of selling an old desirable car last year - I put down a suggested price and then felt obliged to accept when the cash was thrust in my hand that night, happy with the guy that got it but thought I should have asked more, live and learn :upyeah:
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  11. I think PCP has now allowed the dealers to dictate 2nd hand market - it's got to go bang at some point
  12. The credit has all got to be paid in the end this is what I think a few don’t realise hence the name of sticking it on the never never as my old man used to say lol.
    I do have a feeling that the panigale models are gonna be bad news a bit further down the line when they cock up and are so complex to repair that nobody will bother.
    On the other hand though as everything I say about the pani is negative it seems I would like to counter that negativity by saying they are a phenomenal bike to ride and an engineering marvel. Almost Japanese levels of ease of use
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  13. Can only blame the buyers(and possibly the repeated issues with 1199-1299cc)...or people that like to change every 2-3 years to be more precise.
    This created the drop in value after above period.
  14. There is no one to blame, these just don't hold value, I bought mine with an embarrassing offer but thats what I thought it was worth, PCP is pushing the RRPs up, these just aren't worth in the real world 50% of RRP when they hit the secondary market, there is no shortage of them and they are luxuries to most, also consider that people ready and willing to shell out 5 figures on a two wheeled toy are not in the abundance, at this stage its really a buyers market and they are a premium product from an ongoing costs perspective, the real world head decision is that for most of us a GSXR1000 or ZX10R is as much as we can ever need and will never exploit, cheaper to acquire, cheaper to tune and cheaper to maintain ......
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  15. But a gixxer or a kwakka just don’t make the traffic stop and the panties drop like a duke tho
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  16. Sorry to break your heart but nor does a Ducati these days, maybe many years ago when you'd be maybe one of 3 or 4 Ducatis at Box Hill or Cassington or Cat & Fiddle, now we are just another brand going more mainstream by the month ....
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  17. That’s why I take my husaberg to pub meets cos no other fucker is stupid enough to own or ride one of them lol
    Guaranteed to never see another at a bike meet
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  18. I love those leftfield choices, just don't have a use for ne ....
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  19. It’s actually becoming my main go to bike as it does everything and you can just lean it against wall.
    Also when the stand broke and it fell over it’s no problem :laughing:
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  20. Finance deals have pushed up RRP's to silly levels because the huge majority of people (myself included) buy on finance so it's only the monthly figure that 'matters'.
    I had a little trouble selling my perfect condition and history low miles S1000RR for £6.5k because I can't offer finance or the 'peace of mind' people look for.

    I bought my Panigale knowing full well it would lose a decent amount of cash, but luckily I'm in the position where I can afford that and justify it because I wanted one! I plan to buy myself out of the finance next year so at least the depreciation isn't added to by the interest I'll pay, but at the time a PCP deal was quick and easy to do.
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