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Personal And Bike Insurance For Euro Trackdays

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Phill748, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Has anyone got any trackdays in Europe planned? Who are you using for insurance either for personal or bike (or both)? I’ve used BeMoto before, but they say they aren’t offering it due to covid and I understand you HAVE to have insurance to ride on track in Spain?

    The trackday isn’t until September so hoping covid will be under control but we are paying for it and booking up now so would be a bugger to fall at the last hurdle!
  2. As I fast approach 70, UK underwriters are less and less inclined to offer insurance so I’ve started to use the insurance offered by the track. Okay, no repatriation but fully comprehensive private medical care cover. IIRC, it was €25/day the last time I went to Almeria in 2019. Andy
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  3. When we went to jerez in September, the only company we could get cover from was rgb motorsport. They are Spanish i think.
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  4. I used RGP for Portimao in October, the only track cover available, however for off track insurance I was still covered, even for Covid, by my banks travel insurance, despite FCO advice at the time being "travel not advised".
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  5. BeMoto decided not to cover Covid risk, so TDOs recommended RGB for the "local" health and damage cover.

    All my 2021 track days have been cancelled so far, so like you, I am waiting to see what the situation is like.
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  6. UK TD co's require you to have repatriation insurance for you. Andy uses non-mainstream so maybe they are different.
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  7. Yes, that is the case. I haven’t looked for just repatriation cover but I guess it must be available. Andy
  8. Hmm okay, thanks. I’m sure we have some time, it’s not until September, just that we are paying hundreds in deposit this month and booking flights and it definitely feels like a lot of stuff is up in the air at the mo
  9. Hi all, new member here. I'm booked with Focused for 5 days Almeria in April and struggling with this insurance thing too. It may be foolhardy but i'm too tight to pay the £250 Hayman want and just want to spend the £35 for an RBG 7day pass, does anyone know definitively if that meets Almeria's requirements to get on track? The stuff on RBGs website is a bit vague and Focused seem to think it may not be appropriate, yet no limits, track sense and race shift all seem to think its fine.....confused.
  10. When went to jerez in October I used assureton. About £60 for 3 days. I used rgb the year before but assureton cover is much better. A mate of mine crashed at almeria and ended up in hospital last year and assureton covered him no problem.
  11. The issue at Almeria is the ambulance immediately takes you to a private hospital and some mainstream insurers are reluctant to pay for private care. So long as your policy cover includes private treatment without prior authorisation, it should be fine. Andy
  12. When we go to Almeria, I use the insurance the track owner offers our organiser at €20 per day but pretty sure Mr Healy won’t do that. Andy
  13. As above Almeria is a unique case, you need specific insurance or you could be in for a shock and FE aren't really the best to help/advise.
  14. Update on this, we used that 'RGB' which were recommended to us for Jerez. My mate crashed at Jerez and seemed okay at first but then it got worse and worse and basically it looked like his leg was going to explode from a hematoma so we ended up getting him to the closest A&E which was a private hospital.

    Well, we paid for everything up front, even though they said they didn't recognise the insurance, things weren't looking great so getting him care was the priority, but when he got back, he couldn't even get hold of RGB, they didn't answer multiple phone calls, didn't respond to emails etc.

    It's put me off Euro trackdays completely until the likes of Bemoto start doing cover again. I'm not dealing with Spanish insurance companies for track riding. I get that we could have tried to get him across to a public hospital but honestly we thought he was gonna loose his leg at one point. His treatment cost 400 Euro's in the end, which was lucky, but the insurance was a waste of time.
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  15. M
    My buddy got dinged from behind @ Portimao.
    Ambulance off the circuit, hospital (not sure if public or private), shoulder operation with plate and two weeks in a hotel until he could fly home.
    RBG paid Euro 18k for treatment and hotel. He had to pay Euro 800 for the titanium plate.
  16. When did this happen? Just wondering if they have changed ownership or something, ours was in September
  17. November 2021.
  18. Thanks for that guys, so mixed reviews for RBG. Focused events are bloody hard work to get any usefull info out of but they did say that you could get insurance from the track for €25 a day I think, but that we would still need repatriation insurance too (?!) and suggested Hayman/adventures (£280 for the 5 days). Assure ton sport's website is terribly translated but IF it's "speed motorcycling" on "Formula 3" level cover I need then its not too terrible at about €30 a day, but I'd definitely have to try and phone them to work out if that's the right thing (1980s French GCSE don't fail me now....)
    Think I might just get RBGs €42 job and try not to bin it, as am losing the will to live with this. You would've thought the TDOs could just sort this out or at least give a couple of useful links.
  19. My RBG coverage for Spain & Portugal is Euro 112 per year. Accepted by NL & FE.
    I am now however booking 2022 track days with Rehm & DG Sports as I am fed up with no live timing, poor group management and renting fuel cans.
  20. Absolutely..I'm off to Spa with RIders Days
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