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Petrol Queues.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by yellowducmaniac, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. If you can't get any fuel, give me a shout.

    I can't get any but my mate, Jerry can :p
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  2. I suppose the supermarkets can fuel their own vehicles from their own stations. Perhaps Amazon will be able to fuel at Morrisons since they now promote each other?
  3. Yes they fuel their own vans and fuel will be kept back for deliveries
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  4. The irony , people getting petrol complaining about people getting petrol .
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  5. D37EB0EC-3868-4A8C-98E7-481324D28397.jpeg
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  6. I wonder if any of these idiots have thought how the tankers are going to get to the petrol stations ,when they are gridlocking the roads?
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  7. Funny you say that.
    My local Tesco pump station had massive ques waiting for tankers to turn up. One got in to off load but the idiots queuing wouldn't move to let the other one on!!! So it drove off:eek:
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  8. Would that be the same brothers who have reportedly siphoned off more than £500m over the last 5yrs, probably deemed too big to allow to fail and so we’ll have to bail them out?
  9. And there, ladies and gentlemen (and others) we have a clue to the average intelligence level and capacity for independent thought of most of the people in this country. :worried:
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  10. Beautiful, the stupidity of large swathes of this country is something to behold
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  11. What i still don't understand's why everything was tickety-boo midweek and then every petrol company driver just diasappeared from the face of the earth in the UK, now can we please have the Real truth behind this disruption.:thinkingface:
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  12. chortle.
    i dare say lockdown came just in the nick of time and hid a lot of issues since the start of you know what.
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  13. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it seems stocks in sperm banks are running low now as every wanker in the UK is queueing up at a petrol station.
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  14. A point of view
    Petrol tanker drivers have an ADR qualification as well as a HGV licence. They need this for them to drive fuel tanker lorries.
    There is a shortage of HGV drivers. That's a true fact.
    However, HGV drivers can't drive a petrol tanker lorry without having an ADR qualification.
    The UK had ADR drivers last week. Nothing changed much in a week. Maybe some holiday or some sickness but not, I doubt a dramatic change.
    The ADR drivers that were driving last week are probably driving this week delivering fuel so nothing changed much.
    The petrol panic we are now experiencing is all down to media hype.
    It's not because of Brexit, because all the EU drivers went back to Europe which is some of the reasons being banded about.
    These EU HGV drivers left months ago, and yet the country was still getting fuel without problems up until today.

    So what's changed? NOTHING !!

    Apart from the disgraceful media hype and scaremongering to make news to sensationalise the fact that a couple of petrol stations were getting a late delivery so they closed temporarily.

    The result of the media scaremongering!!

    Massive panic and chaos by everyone which is now causing a shortage of fuel until the ADR drivers, that we already had delivering fuel a few days ago, can deliver again.
    The media should be fined and penalised, severely for publicising false news and creating the crazy situation that has been going on all today. Disgusting. They should hold their heads in shame.
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  15. exactly this!!
    Those same drivers now have even more pressure on them to deliver expectation
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