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Petrol Queues.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by yellowducmaniac, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. And it’s not like the Daily Fail doesn’t have a motive for trying to blame anything or anyone (especially a rEMoAneR) for the multi-faceted f*uck up that is Brexit. And, what’s more, its gullible readership will believe the lies too.
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  2. A sensible thinking Govt would probably not want to get on the wrong side of a senior official of the RHA at the moment but...............:D

  3. Astonishing really that a bunch of blokes on an Internet forum about Ducati’s can see all the holes yet outwardly most seem completely unaware and lap up everything the government spew out.

    Society is ruining humans. Thickening them and I’m not just talking about their waist band.

    This may seem arrogant to say, and I honestly really don’t care. But at my age, I suffer horrendously coping with other people. Having an ounce of intelligence these days is almost a curse because you have to deal with the 85%?!? Of humans around you who are empty vessels.
    I really am nothing special, but I often find I’m the only person in the room who has the slightest shite of an idea what is going on or how to remedy it.

    we are doomed :joy: Thanos was right. I’m off to help him find those stones !
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  4. Boy do we have a lot in common! In '93 I was riding an R80RT up the M1, from Northampton to Grantham. It was raining so bad the road leading to the Northampton entrance ramp was flooded, and blocked with cars. I got past the obstruction by riding up and along the grass bank beside it.

    The bike conked out in the fast lane, just as the M62 interchange was coming up, which I managed to coast to and park on the shoulder halfway round the curve. Every few seconds an artic flew by, about 3 - 4 ft away and drenched me. And it was very dark. When I reached Grantham I was very, very close to hypothemic.

    Edit: just to clarify, this wasn't a running out of fuel problem, but a Bing throttle needle shearing problem.
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  5. I support these facts
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  6. Two years after I was born.

    You’re welcome x
  7. It is reckless to say such things. But how many reckless things does the government say on an almost daily basis? This has even been proven several times in court!

    All articles by journalists have to be authorised by editors, directors & owners. These same people who push the journalists to write ever increasing incendiary articles. So who is being reckless & who needs to be punished/ blamed?
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  8. Jeez.
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  9. I’m confident in saying that over the last 20 months or whatever the Government has been hell bent on confusing the shit out of everyone and whilst making shite decisions and generally being a shower of it, they’ve turned many people against each other so we are so preoccupied in doing that, we don’t pay attention to what they’re doing.

    Just my pennies worth. Not a new thing tbf, this stuff has gone on since … well… forever ?

    Divide and conquer
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  10. Indeed xx
  11. I can very verify that. I was alive then.
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  12. Again not running out of Petrol but back in the early 70's had a girlfriend at wolves poly so one day set off to see her at 6am riding a Norton Commando.
    Thick freezing fog on the M1 took my hand off the throttle to wipe visor and realised the bike hadn't slowed. The throttle cable hung in the wind and it had frozen
    Managed to switch it off and coast onto the hard shoulder.
    Frightening stood there in thick fog with HGV's thundering past a few inches away as I stood there dick in hand pissing on the cable to thaw it.
    Tried hot air first but couldn't watch the traffic
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  13. You had the right tool, then!

    (I feel I should apologize for that)
  14. hmm, this doesn't sound right. trojo said recently (in the country worse affected by magie) that she started the green revolution. doesn't sound very democratic either.
    by transferring from rail to road she increased emissions and scuppered the unions that gave the lil guy a lil more sovereignty.
    Nah, the tory wouldn't vote for that. no siree.
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  15. My 19 year old daughter feels the same way
    She can’t believe the lack of intelligence
    Working in retail has certainly woken her up this last couple days well even in the loo roll hoarding days
  16. Reminds me of the castle with those inside protected by the wall while the peasants revolt and fight each other outside
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  17. All the original article ever said was that a few BP stations were empty because of the lack of drivers....cue a sizeable group of Brits quite happy to empty the quite substantial reserves in fuel stations.
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  18. There was no hard shoulder where I was. I got the bike in over the line in about a two foot wide verge and rang green flag who couldn't get a bike transport for an hour and a half. About ten mins later I was accosted by irate traffic police who only calmed down when I showed them the fuel gauge stating there was still 72 miles left. They of course then closed a lane, and ninety minutes later after being threatened with fines and all sorts, there were still tail backs, and I had my own signs warning of obstruction in the road.
    I wouldn't mind but I'd tried to get petrol earlier that morning and the station had all pumps out of order.
    Like you say, the sheer power of even a car going past at 70mph is staggering, never mind an artic.
  19. Hang on the news reported that evening not to panic buy because of a shortage of fuel in a couple of BP garages
    As soon as he said it I knew there would be carnage
    I thought at the time eh there is no fuel shortage we were having deliveries
    The presenter didn’t present that scenario at all properly
    It was either central news or the ITV news Wednesday evening

  20. I realised this young, and also realised that surrounding yourself with inspirational, switched on people is a vastly better way to go about things.

    I now deliberately try and find the room where I am not the sharpest, and feed off of those who are.
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