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Petrol Queues.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by yellowducmaniac, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. My local garage was closed today as it’d run out of fuel. I had to go about 5 miles to fill up the Panigale this morning. And though there was a queue it wasn’t too bad.

    When we passed through Bamford the petrol station there was chockablock and the queue to get in was at least 400m long! Lunacy!
  2. So, if you brain yourself on a low door lintel into a roomful of people, none of whom have bumps or gashes on their foreheads, is the door frame your intellectual superior?
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  3. I at 6ft4 old bean, i brain myself on everything.

    maybe it’s a room full of vertically challenged. Maybe they used another door.

    who knows ;)
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  4. Christ, I feel short just reading 6ft4 !
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  5. My boy is 6ft 3 :grinning:
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  6. 6ft 1 eleven inches.
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  7. My father was 6ft 6. Hands like shovels. And size 14 shoes. Once asked if everything else was proportional? His response was ‘well I never wear trousers with zips’.
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  8. Basic engineering. System of limits and fits. Intellect to most people is a town in Switzerland.
  9. From my IPad outside Morrison’s waiting for the queue to go down…..
  10. My uncle - who died a year ago today - was built like that. Towards the end I suspected his dad wasn't the one we were familiar with.
  11. Once a week with the pants.....how did you know., bloody peeping Tom's everywhere these days.
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  12. I didn't specify all the starting conditions. There was no other door, just a window. The window was broken and on the floor were shards of glass, missed in the sweeping up, and copious dried bloodstains. I haven't worked out the further implications; but I did go to a restaurant in Crans that I swear had a framed portrait of Marshall Pétain in the doorway.
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  13. OK you win, place them all in Room 101.
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  14. Bastards here have put super unleaded up to 26p per litre. 709636EB-6A1C-43E4-94F1-7CC6F90CD959.jpeg
  15. You need to get the fuck outta here then...:astonished:
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  16. 15380548_623079631196615_6962187640859437475_n.jpg
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  17. A ruse to get us to buy electric , a win win for the government .
  18. Something just occurred to me, what with my random desktop wallpaper changing to an 850 Norton: my 1st choice for a new bike in Spring was a 961 Commando. Only the company making those was being wound up :confused:

    Never ends, does it! A new version of Norton are/were starting up, but I don't like what they plan to make - nothing remotely like the 961! More like a Hinckley Triumph. Then I saw the 999 and dropped the requirement that I'd only consider something air-cooled!

    (I worked in Wolverhampton, briefly in '78. Bracebridge St. was still a concern - just not a going one. It was very sad.)
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