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Phone Numbers/emails

Discussion in 'Specific Forum Rules/Notes' started by Ducbird, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. Posting a phone number is another bit of personal info, just like the name of your dog, your favourite pub, the registration of your new bike or the car in your drive, birthdays, kids names, it all adds to the bits of info that end up as identity theft.
    I had to spend a lot of time convincing friends that those facebook postings were someone else, I believe they used some stuff lifted from my profile on here.
    I hope it doesn't happen to you, be careful what you post.
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  2. There is only one relevant point in this thread.

    What are the forum rules regarding posting your own telephone number?

    The reason for the rule could be liability or anything else that the site owner(s) and management have decided upon. The reasoning for the rules may or may not be disclosed and similarly may or may not be liked and supported by all, some or none of the members.

    The rule should be clear to avoid any misunderstanding, and adhered to by moderators & members.

    All other points of view are equally valid, but the rule supersedes them in all cases.
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  3. Surely the solution is for interested parties to PM the seller, who is then at liberty to disclose their phone number, should they so wish. Or am I missing something?

    It's very unlikely the forum owners or admins would be liable for losses caused by scams perpetrated on people who post their phone number in the public domain, but that won't necessarily stop the disgruntled victim of a scam going on social media and (wrongly) blaming the forum for their misfortune.

    Hence, the forum owners and admins are protecting their legitimate commercial interest in maintaining the reputation of the forum by refusing to allow contact details to be displayed. Dems da roolz........
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  4. The issue is that a rule regarding posting your phone number does not exist. The deletion of peoples personal phone numbers which have been posted by themselves is contentious, as the rule "...moderators will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules" is cited as justification.
  5. Ah, ok.

    It doesn’t really change my view. Their site, their rules. That catch all provision covers things but a specific rule would clarify matters and thus avoid confusion and acrimony.
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  6. .......
    The first line says

    "Above all else Ducati Forum serves to provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for Ducati fans of all ages"
  7. It certainly does, and its an admirable sentiment.

    Though the fact that some -perhaps many- members consider moderators protecting them literally from themselves is at best contentious and could be argued contradicts "friendly environment".

    Any perceived need to protect people over 18 from situations that will not cause harm to people other than themselves is difficult to justify; without a specific rule in terms & conditions which all members have agreed to adhere to when joining.
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  8. Ok we have heard what you have to say and have amended the rules under Advertise as follows

    • Advertise
      When listing a private advertisement or posting on the forums or personal profiles please do not post your personal email address or personal telephone numbers. Please conduct sales/purchases via the Private Messaging service. (It should be noted that new members cannot PM until 30 posts have been made to establish a profile). Do not use Ducati Forum to generate traffic or attention for your endeavor. Links to personal websites and projects are permitted on profiles and in signatures. Commercial activities are not permitted on Ducati Forum. The only exceptions to this rule are agreed Forum Traders. If you wish to advertise please Contact Us.
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  9. Job done, Viv :upyeah:
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