Featured 950 Picked Her Up Today

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Xtourer1200, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. I picked up my new multistrada 950 today for Woods of Abergele. I have had lots and lots of bikes but after 150 miles i'm over the moon.
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  2. Nice , welcome aboard..

    Did you go for red or white ?
  3. It had to be red, i had toyed with the idea of the 1200 18 months ago but the 950 ticks all my boxes, just need lots of accessories but not much available yet for the 950
  4. Many congrats!! What was your previous bike?
  5. So jealous right now i would love that bike as my first ducati. You must keep us updated on how you get on with it. Nice big fat review on it please, and pics.:grinning:
  6. Ive had lots, the best bike was My Varadero's so i progressed to a DCT crosstourer but couldnt get on with it, then a tiger 955 and my last was a F800GS. That was a good bike but did get a bit windy on the motorway. Came home on the Multi yesterday with a mix of roads and it was just fantastic. Cant go mad yet as it's getting run in but loving it.
  7. What are the wheel sizes & fuel tank size? I did my enduro 624mile run-in nice & gentle. Then on the 2nd run-in period I did one whole fuel tank at 55mph or really steady riding for me. Got 4004miles out of it before running out of juice. Now then,...were;s the wheel-bin & bike shot!!
  8. 19 front 17 rear, i have done 210 miles and need to fill up now
  9. Im really wanting to add some bling but there's nothing out there yet
  10. Pictures please.
  11. 20170411_183527.jpg 20170411_183500.jpg

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  12. Gorgeous, i need it in my life.
  13. Very nice but indeed, no points for the poor parking though. ;)
  14. Wot? No bins?
  15. Good choice have fun be careful
  16. Holy crap! that's economical you must be well happy. I did 4000 miles on mine round Europe and must of had to fill up at least 27 times.
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  17. Oh man I am so jealous!! Picking mine up next week. Such a beautiful bike <3 (This will be my first Ducati)
  18. Ohhhhh! Nooooo! :Woot:

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  19. Aha, hopefully the start of many to come!
  20. It Looks gorgeous have fun :sunglasses:
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