Featured Picked Up 999r Today!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Sam1199, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Really good condition with low mileage. Tyre's like new obviously been looked after.
    Couldn't believe it when opportunity just came up in front of me.
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  2. When they do you have to jump - nice one :):upyeah: but pictures are mandatory :thinkingface:
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  3. Downside was, no history or V5. Unbelievably cheap though.

    IMG_9190.JPG IMG_9191.JPG IMG_9192.JPG

    You see, it's definitely an R!
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  4. In fact 'Jorg the laughing German' insisted on buying it for me.
    Only €1.50 Surely that's a good investment Exige?

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  5. BIN!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. C'mon, it's not that bad DB :(
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  7. Ok, give me time. It is red though!
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  8. You been had, it's a tricked up base model :eek:
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  9. Those leathers are a bit errrr...................dubious, to say the least. :confused:
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  10. It's a fair point. It should be stock if you want to achieve the residual.
    I should get the wheels to gold too.

    Personally, it was the blue legs of the leathers that I wasn't sure about. But hey, it was a bargain, we even knocked him down €1/2 just for the hell of it.

    Tomorrow, I'll get the engine running.
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  11. I think its maybe been tracked...
  12. I doubt it, there's no sign of any tyre tear but hey, you never know.
    Always a danger with a pre owned bike though.
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  13. Those forks don’t look standard. I believe it may be a prototype.
    Do Ducati admit to its existence?
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  14. There are no such things, and anybody that says they have one, nailed it together in their shed. :rolleyes:
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  15. this one is only number 2 dude, worthless :(
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  16. Okay, I think it is a real life size model of Marquez on his new contract ride for ducati
  17. Looks like you bagged a prototype one there matey :upyeah:

    But don’t expect factory provenance. Unless you bombard the, until they just submit to anything :imp:
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  18. Or put you on "ignore" :)
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  19. :eyes: