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Featured V4 Picked Up New Bike Today

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Wilbert, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Collected my new bike today. Luckily it wasn't affected by the engine recall. Very happy with it so far, it does everything I want / need in a bike. Way more comfortable and refined than the BMW S1000XR I traded in and the wife really likes it too. Hopefully get the first service done soon then I can really enjoy the motor to its full potential as it's an absolute peach.

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  2. enjoy wilbert'

    Unless its changed its a two stage running in process my friend. Seek manual & comprehension or tell me to bugger off'
  3. Happy new bike for you.
    Picked my new bike up yesterday from Ducati Leeds,1260S.your photo looks the same place?.
    Had my covid injection Wednesday and I’ve been feeling unwell today from the side effects of the injection. So not been any where near the new bike today, stopped in watching the Moto GP instead.
    Hope you enjoy your new bike.
  4. Yes Pete same place (Ducati Leeds) and going off your profile name you're probably not too far from me in Clitheroe.
  5. Hi Wilbert.yes just over the hill from you. PM me if you would like to meet up for a coffee, natter or may be a ride out some time?.
  6. Looks great.

    Due to the suspension of life I have not been to the dealer recently. i thought it was moving over the road?
  7. Yes the dealership is moving into the new premises , I believe on the 26/04/21 but please ring them to confirm what I was told.
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