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Discussion in 'Touring' started by J biker, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Looking at a bit Pyrenees and Picos in a few weeks time.
    Any hints for stand out roads in the Picos?
    Cheers folks:beer:
  2. Suprised you have had no replies yet!
    Ive only done 1 day in the picos, that was 2 years back and I have no idea of the roads we took... We had a guide .. It was pretty fucken cool though.. somewhere I'd like to go again and spend time.
  3. I seem to remember @Char did a trip around there and a post on here about it.
  4. The main roads that circle the Picos are all good:
    • A114 - Panes / Congas de Onis (take a look at the Roman bridge at Congas de Onis)
    • N625 - Congas de Onis / Riano
    • N621 - Riano / Potes / Panes
    The LE2711 / LE 2703 via Posada de Valdeon (good restaurant: El Desvan Valdeon) cuts off the south-west corner (and Riano) is worth doing even though the road is a bit rough.

    There are a number of "dead end" roads into the Picos which are good:
    • AS262 / CO4 from Soto de Cangas to the Mirador de Entralagos
    • a minor road to the Mirador at Collado de Lledba from the N621 between Riano and Potes where it crosses the boarder between Cantabria and Castile and Leon (say hello to the bear - Monument to Oso Pardo)
    • CA185 from Potes to Fuente De (where you can take a cable car up into the mounts above). There is a good Mexican restaurant in Potes (Las Mananitas)
    To be honest just about all the roads in the Picos and surrounding area are good. The road surfaces can be a bit iffy on the smaller roads.

    Enjoy :)
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  5. Going again in October for 3rd year lol 593C3C0F-3309-44E4-89E7-F40D0A937CF6.png - as others and the Cangas/Potes triangle - but P210 is pretty special if you want empty roads & vultures (on google maps surface looks rubbish but the whole lengths been resurfaced)

    Can’t really go wrong anywhere - unless your 1/2 way up the mountain looking for cheese - oh here’s good to
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  6. El mejor mirador de los Picos de Europa EB327847-E93D-490B-8E84-F41D521149AE.jpeg
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  7. Great stuff guys, I am looking at a trip that crosses the area. Basically I have to choose 2 from the N625,N621, AS177 OR (AS114-AS345)
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