Featured Pics As Promised( Finally Lol)

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by fight the streets fmd, Mar 29, 2017.

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  2. Which brackets are those with the Rizoma fluid pots? I've got a local supplier Rizoma gear but every time I've looked at new reservoirs they never seem to know what brackets I should have. Or did the brackets come with the pots?
    They look nice. I hate the standard white plastic tupperware boxes. Those would go very well with my Rizoma mirrors.
  3. mate thats looks cracking!! nice one !! :upyeah:
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  4. Hi @Gimlet they are the CT 450 brackets, @ £35 each, ridiculous money, but I have to say its worth it, it transforms your view, I used the bigger ct 127 reservoirs on both sides as to keep it uniform, looks stunning in real life! CT 127 is priced at @£77 each, but I did get a fair discount on those prices.......
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  5. And some bins in there too :upyeah:
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  6. thanks @cookster, very happy owner! just don't understand that Ducati doesn't come up with a new version!
  7. they are for all the Japanese bike parts @Ducbird lol
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  8. Same brackets as I used on my Rizoma pots, although I did go for the smaller CT125 clutch pots for both brake and clutch. As above, they aren't cheap, but look spot on. I also have the Rizoma circuit mirrors on mine. :upyeah: I bought the pots and brackets from Moore Speed Racing.

    Rizoma Billet Alloy Motorcycle Parts From Italy.


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  9. your garage lay out looks rather nice @Robarano , dealer told me not to use CT 125 on both sides as the difference in the smaller pot between minimum and maximum level might not be enough to cover the difference between new or nearly gone brake pads, I did know from a different post of yours that you had happily used the smaller ones on both sides but did not follow up on it after I saw the ( slightly ) bigger ones, still looks very good, but did not want to use different sizes, so went for the 127, moore speed racing very helpful, though he is no longer importer for uk, performance parts, has now taken over, but moore speed racing can still get you all rizoma parts
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  10. The most I'll ever do in a day is about 300 miles on the road and I couldn't see me emptying even the smaller fluid pot due to brake pad wear in that time. I just preferred the look myself, and didn't want one small and one large, or both large.
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