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V4 Pikes Peak

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Steelboss, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Lucky devil , mine was ordered in Oct but running late , out of interest when was your order placed. Thanks
  2. yep i ordered it in July before they had confirmed the actual thing existed:upyeah:
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  3. Of course MCE Insurance has gone bust, so anything you're seeing from them is an algorithmic hangover…
  4. Now there's a discussion to be had. I've ridden a few 'leccy bikes (and have a 'leccy car) and they're all pretty-to-very 'proper' in terms of performance, entertainment etc. The bikes don't remotely have the range I need at intergalactic cruising speed, but the price differential is falling (e.g. a PP isn't far off the cost of an Energica), and I'm not too worried about the future. Yes, I absolutely will miss the 'Swiss watch' bit of infernal combustion engineering, I will (occasionally) miss the judgement and skill needed to keep the thing on the boil and - as a rider - I will miss the sound and fury (my 749R has a full WSS exhaust f'rinstance). OTOH, there is something very relaxing and amusing about having electric torque so instantly on tap and, as I live in a National Park, within 2 miles of a top biking road, I won't miss the continuous weekend drone & wail. Yep, the world is changing, but the future isn't as bleak as the more entrenched Luddites would have us believe.
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  5. Don't call me entrenched! o_O
  6. Wasn’t calling you a Luddite either! Unless you’d rather I did…
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  7. Charging any vehicle out of city is almost impossible , normal weekend rides for me are 300 to 400 miles and I cannot remember seeing any charging points on the routes I do , also when you find one its used and a queue . Once the infrastructure is sorted then maybe its worth it . Not in my life time I fear. I feel I am old school petrol head as electric car give me car sickness and also they are a bit bland and the thought of an electric bike at the moment would make me hang my helmet up.
    Bit of a comparison , AMG 6.3 verses Tesla Dual , Tesla faster but the sound of a V8 ....ooooooooooooo
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  8. living in the Highlands, charging is rarely an issue - most villages have ChargePoints and the decent range of current EVs means that too-up charging is mostly a luxury anyway. On longer trips to Englandshire, the car’s range is way longer than that of my bladder and I get a charge in the time it takes me to empty same and grab a top-up coffee. Bikes aren’t there yet - a day’s ride for me would be 3-500 miles - that would be fine with a single Rapid charge over lunch but not otherwise - I’d want a bike to have a range of 250 miles under typical (ie NOT 55mph!) conditions, and that’s more than double what any battery bike can manage now. OTOH, charge density is improving by c.20% compound per year, so we will get there in a few years time. And, lest we forget, I’d rather be tootling around in splendid silence and enjoying the scenery rather than roasting rats in the smouldering wreckage of our civilisation - seems like a reasonable trade-off to me…
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  9. Dear all,
    I drive a Tesla Performance model 3 which has absolutely nothing to do with the V4 PIKES PEAK !!
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  10. Sorry:pensive::pensive: got distracted as not got my bike yet . It’s call nothavingitknowitis
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  11. Think we could be in for a wait here.
  12. Yawn. But you’re quite right - let’s get the thread back on topic.
  13. Are you exited yet …… I would be
  14. Yup....but just really looking forward to decent weather and getting out on it :upyeah:
  15. Me and you both :upyeah::upyeah::beer:
  16. Have you seen the new Honda. I would say the PP has competition.

    Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 21.26.30.png
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  17. ^^ Gold forks and panniers as standard. PP. pfff.
  18. Have you always wanted to be a nightclub comedian? :joy:
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  19. But..it looks great. It only took four GandTs, ok my glasses are upstairs. Am I missing something?
  20. On a serious note. Can you imagine if the Honda had more power, maybe 115bhp or 120bhp..?

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