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1260 Pimping A 1260s

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Lisbon Rider, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. I just got a '19 1260S and I'm getting some hand guard protectors from Evotech. Saw some other things on there that caught my eye and I'm interested in what people's thoughts are on -

    Bar end weights - do these make a difference? I like the protective aspect, but what does the weighting achieve?

    Radiator + Oil Guard + Engine Guards - protective or unnecessary jewelry?

  2. Are we talking Evotech here? If so, 100% yes across all of them.

    The guards are well made and bar weights noticeably cut down vibes.
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  3. I agree with the post above. Have all except the oil cooler guard. Have the crash bungs as well though. All top quality kit.
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  4. Thanks both, much appreciated. Looks like it's time to part with some more cash then! And yep, I was talking all about Evotech gear. The hand guard protectors look to be attached to the mirror step and a 2 part assembly - you think this makes them less robust than the stronger, but uglier looking Barkbusters?
  5. Unnecessary, unless of course you are to be dropping it.
  6. I can't guarantee that won't happen!
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  7. I can almost guarantee that you will drop it. Stationary/low speed drops are most likely at some point, and that's when crash bungs and hand guard protectors pay for themselves. Ask me how I know.
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  8. My thoughts exactly! It's a matter of when rather than if...

    You have any protection bars Coman?
  9. I get what you are all saying above, to me though it spoils the loos of the bike, it’s a bit like putting a protective case on a beautiful iPhone, makes it look crap.
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  10. Yes, I now have Barkbusters and they have saved me the cost of a replacement handguard already. I also have rad guards and crash bungs.
    I think the title of your post is wrong, as the sort of equipment you want to add is not pimping but sensible precaution. My philosophy is form follows function, so what some may see as detracting from the look of a bike, to me adds to its desirability.
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  11. Come back and say that once you’ve dropped your bike. ;)
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  12. For me I would say rad/oil guards yes, crash bungs prob no.
    I would/have changed seat to touratech, change back sprocket to 42 teeth as better at low speeds and dump the Pirelli scorpions if you are never going off road, Michelin road 5 or metzeller roadtec 01’s
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  13. Thanks Pat, good intel
  14. I’ve done all that, bar the sprocket. I do have the bungs though, as it’s so easy to drop a bike, so better safe than sorry.
  15. #1 Throttle spacers. Best performance mod for $30
    #2 Rad & Oil cooler guard: Good insurance protection.
    3# 42 T rear sprocket change. ( Yes, you'll need a new chain)
    The rest is secondary, add unnecessary weight and many of these protection things are just another part to replace in a drop.
    #15 DarR, Feb 21, 2021
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
  16. I didn't need a new chain on the 1200 DVT, my 1260 has a 14t front (more gainzzzz) so made it irrelevant but worth mentioning.
  17. Going from 15T front to 14 is equivalent to +3R.
    True that you wont need a new chain in this context but that just may be too much gearing.
    Notwithstanding, it's a cheap experiment to see if you like it.
  18. If you change your 1260 to 42 T rear sprocket and have a quickshifter, you'll need to reset it via the dash and TPM settings.
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  19. I am about to move to 42T rear, why does quickshifter need to be reset? any insight useful
  20. Just go into the dash and carry out a Tire Calibration and the QS will re-activate.
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