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Featured Please, Please Read This

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Advikaz, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Guys,

    Two people I know of have been killed in under a week partaking in trackdays.

    Please, please, please listen/pay attention to the briefing. If you’re unsure ask. If you think you’re in the wrong group ask to move. If you want help, ask. If your bike isn’t right, pull off. Never ride a bike that’s not fit for purpose.

    Every day on track is different. Treat it so.

    Everyone is a bit rusty due to Covid straight after the winter. Build up, don’t rush. The fast group is faster than the usual average, Bare this in mind.

    Two accidents that could have possibly been avoided, two lives lost. Two broken families.

    Be safe. There’s plenty of fast guys down at the graveyard. It isn’t a race, if you’re not feeling it don’t push. It needn’t be dangerous, but it can be if we aren’t vigilant.

    edit: also for the love of god, look over your shoulder when exiting the pits!!!!

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  2. Sad news.
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  3. Shit news...I heard a few years ago a lot of fatalities occur at trackdays never entered my head that happens as it doesn’t make the news etc

    Terrible news
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  4. WOW, my condolences and thoughts for the families affected :(
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  5. Very sad, never heard of people dying at track days, injuries yes, but nothing so tragic...
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  6. I had heard it happens but only heard it happens or has happened I got nothing to back that up
  7. Tragic news , we do Trackdays for fun and not for any other reason. Condolences to the families and close friends.
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  8. One of the lads mixed up in the NL crash who lost his life was a local lad to me, Donnington being our local track up the road. He was close friends with a mate of mine and each time I met him was a really nice young lad, bless him.

    Such a tragic turn of events for all concerned and condolences to the families.
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  9. Sad news indeed.
    Definitely take heed of your advice especially at the moment when people are rusty from not riding for so long.
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  10. Is one of the riders the person mentioned in a FB post ? Really sad day. Andy
  11. Terribly sad and have had the unfortunate displeasure of being there when it’s happened (not in the group I was in, so not on track at the time, and not heard the outcome until later)

    When I used to do track days I was never too proud to run in a slower group if the pace of those there on the day were a bit beyond me. And I never did the last session of the day, superstition maybe but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it?
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  12. Ben Godfrey yeah
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  13. :(
  14. Just seen on FB
    Sad news thoughts go out to everyone who knew him :(
  15. Gosh. We do have a feeling of invincibility till it all goes wrong then we realise how fragile we are.

    Very sorry for all the friends and families involved. Very sad.
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  16. Tragic. So young. RIP and thoughts with his family.

    Let’s hope we learn from it, so it’s not a waste.
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  17. Terrible news, condolences to the family and friends of those involved.
  18. To be fair when I have done trackdays anybody can rock up and ride, quick classroom, scrutineer and off with self declaration. I’m sure it’s improved but I imagine it’s still basically an unofficial bunch of races going on? I have somehow not been wiped out by someone who’s abilities were not up to scratch on a particular curve at Jerez ...I had a quick google after my not thought out statement and it’s not uncommon to get a fatality unfortunately, pretty well as I was told years ago.

    This is really really sad, and as this thread started with a reminder from the heart take note, you will not normally know the ability of who is riding alongside or in front, I remember they started to not allow overtakes but don’t know the ins and outs of that.

    Rip to the fellas so very sad
  19. This is very sad news indeed and in my older years, self preservation is certainly a major consideration for me. It has been a while since I did a track day and I am signed up to the Ducati day at Donnington in August. My bike is old and half as old as me, so I will be taking it smooth and steady and making sure I am predictable on the track. It is such a shame that the reality check has to come from events like this. Thoughts are with the families.
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