Poole Bikenight - 17 Apr

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  1. I’m itching to get out on the Multistrada and haven’t been to the above for years.

    Heatwave expected for next week so planning to head down for this on Tuesday evening from Malmsbury via Warminster, Shaftesbury, Blandford Fourm then Poole. Should take approx 1:30-2 hours, so will be leaving around 4:30.

    Anyone here going or interested in hitching along?
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  2. I'll check my schedule, I think I have free day so could cut early
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  3. My bike needs a deep clean, I'll make a mental note to check this thread on sun/mon.
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  4. Watch your speed. Speed enforcement will be everywhere. :eyes::innocent:
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  5. I don't usually do Poole anymore, but might be tempted to join in from Shaftesbury or this one. There's a fun twisty route through Cranborne.
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  6. True dat. My last trip to Poole bike night ended up with a visit to court and a ban. Keep your eyes peeled.
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  7. I am, time in diary booked
  8. They're only doing a job... they're pretty humans too... :weary_face:
  9. We should be glad of speed traps. They indicate that officers are at a loose end because all other crime has been solved. Next time you see a police officer pointing a camera at you from the side of the road, pull over and shake his hand and thank him for catching all the criminals.
  10. @Gimlet, absolutely still on. Have a great route out the back of Shaftesbury which @bradders and @GunZenBomZ, but really goes too far west so any recommendations are welcome.

    If we aim to meet in Bell Street car park at 17:30?

    Is that okay or too early?
  11. Where is where is that? If I can make it I will, don’t wait.
  12. Middle of Shaftesbury, if your coming from the North can meet around Bath/Chippenham around 4:30.
  13. Not been down for a few years (the last time) and the first (and last time since) got pulled for a noisy pipe and strip plate...managed to get out of it by laughing at his jokes (which were shit) i can fake a laugh when i need to....id like to go but at the moment im skating on thin ice with regards to the other half since i seized up the hyper (been in the garage a lot)...Bristol here so not far away...
  14. Weymouth is supposed to be not up its own arse as much as Poole.
  15. Bell Street car park is fine. I'm local so I'm easy on time. I can be there whenever. Still be quite a lot of commuter traffic about at 5:30. Might be quieter at 6:00 but no matter. You guys have the furthest to come and the furthest to ride back so I'll go with whatever fits in best with you. Take about 40 minutes to get to Poole from Shaftesbury.

    I would generally follow the B3081 through to Cranborne and then head for Wimborne and on to Poole on B roads. The A350 from Blandford onwards is pretty dreary and congested.

    I was in Shaftesbury today and the A30 westbound is closed just outside town. But that's the wrong direction really to get to Poole.
  16. Cheers for link Gimlet
  17. What's happened to the weather...?
  18. Itll be here tomorrow apparently....lovely and mild out this morning though. First time this year i didnt need a second layer riding to work...