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Position Of 600ss Forks In Yokes Query

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by DanSS600, May 30, 2020.

  1. In this video the tops of the forks pass through the top yoke (clearly seen at 1.44) and at 0.42 you can see there are no caliper mounts on the right hand fork. Have the forks been swapped?

    The silencer isn't an ss one either.
  2. Top of the forks look normal to me. There will soon be other forum members far better qualified than me to comment, wasn’t it only a single front disc OE, silencer I’m not sure about, but it’s an old bike with a fair bit of old looking parts on it, exhaust probably rusted or was damaged somehow??
  3. My forks finish flush with the top yoke and there is an extra piece of plastic trim to hide the missing caliper

  4. I thought I saw about 4 or 5 rings showing at the top of the forks. For them to be flush in my experience is abnormal but easily adjusted.

    As far as I know 600ss was a single front disc bike at your year.
  5. Normal-ish position on a 750 (before I changed to Showa adjustable shocks).......So those in the video are just about right.
    Forks may have been changed because there are no lugs for the second caliper or the plastic trim; but later ones didn't have them anyway.
    Silencer looks like a Ducati SS one, might be off a different model.
    Fairing lowers don't have the extra vent which started to be fitted around late 1996, so they may have been changed.
    Mileage checks out against the MOT history.
    Personally, I think the price is a bit high for what it is..I would have thought just over £2K at most........I can see lots of things that need tidying up.

  6. re: calipers: - it's a parts-bin "jobbie", if surplus R/H forks stock building up then why not just add to build to use up? and the O.E.M. blanking cover confirms this thinking. Same on 750 although twin set-up was also std at some point over the years.
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  7. The only thing Chris, is that the video shows the right leg doesn't have the lugs for a caliper or the OEM cover.

    The 1996/7 brochure seems to indicate Ducati didn't fit either of them on the later 600 models.
  8. didn't even look at the vid Al, i would have to swot up on that, just had a look at pics and seen an original looking bike with 10k kms on it with blanking lug - I can't think someone would change the fork (and not use the facility) at that mileage.. :thinkingface:
  9. I'm going to guess it's been tarted up by someone.
    Fork tops look to be in the normal position although not all forks had those rings machined in them. Wheels have been re-painted & there appears to be a hole in the right-hand side panel.
    Too much money for that bike me thinks, but if they can get it, hey-ho, no harm in asking I guess.
    I think it was just earlier 600's, pre '94 ish that had the extra caliper mounts on the right-hand leg.
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  10. My '95 600ss has about 20mm (4 rings showing) of fork protruding from the yoke. Agree about the extra plastic bit screwed into the caliper holes on the side with no brake disc :)
  11. 1996/97 brochure extract.........No right side caliper, no plastic trim, no fork lugs.

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