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Post Your Best Local Roads

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by RexDangerVest, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. I am in North GA USA.
    The famed Tail of the dragon is a day ride away. A long day, but OK. back home that night.

    This is where I am going today. My local Dragon. Plenty of turns, lots of elevation changes. barely any side roads or anything... just park all around. Plus some great overlooks.
    Back and forth, back and forth. This is my training area.

    An hour away from my house, Hope this works.


    This will be my whole ride. I will do probably 10 laps of the above in the middle though. I added highway at both ends to get back for my girl... Coming to cook me dinner later
    And, technically you know my address... so stop by?


    Lets see yours!
  2. Plod may be watching
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  3. Good looking road.

    Is it always that quiet, or did street view just get lucky?
  4. Always quiet. Maybe some other bikes or a sports car...

    Leaving now

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  5. Yeah Atlanta cops are all over it ...
  6. I've heard the Blue Ridge Parkway is great too?
  7. Snake pass isn’t too far from me, video doesn’t do it justice but gives an idea.

    My favourite road though is the mountain road in the Isle of Man, I only get to ride that every couple of years but it is superb, one way, no speed limit, incredible.
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  8. They are all pretty mint in the Peak district at the moment :mask: , this was just before the lockdown
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  9. Yep Peak District has a plethora of amazing roads and right on my door step!
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  10. Yep I second the Peak District, The Dales, Lake District, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.
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  11. that's some tour! ^
  12. It is, however non of those are where I ride. Just trying to keep my chosen area clear of rif raf.
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  13. EAAE7BC8-C17A-49F6-9159-BD1855606B55.jpeg 29F71FBE-94C2-485E-8224-183556206381.jpeg Mid wales still my favourite in the UK (Rex we can get to The Picos in Spain in 24hours on the ferry so I class that as local to :p)
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  14. Best road in Gloucestershire is probably the A435 from Seven Springs to Stratton. Closely followed by the Stow TT (Toddington - Stow on the Wold - Broadway - Toddington).
  15. Living in the Marches - most roads are amazing..
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  16. When living in Sturgis sd, Spearfish canyon was a cracking ride, not a gixer balls out ride but more as a ride to realise what you are missing. It had offshoots into the badlands, Black hills, mount rushmore and much more. Beautiful countryside

    most testing road was the road to mugello though the hills and mountains from our hotel about an hour away from the track. Huge drops, many 180 degree bends and exceptional scenary. The hotel was in Viola and called Hotel Gri Orzali

    Local roads where I live, not much to write home about.
  17. Shhhh, I’ve already listed the better areas for roads........
  18. Two roads I'd put up there as world class
    Nyons to Serres road
    Durness to Ulapool

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  19. I live in west London, there aren’t any.
  20. What?
    I heard there is a secret 1/8 mile straight bit that every one in a while doesnt have a white van on it...
    Why are you complaining.

    Looks like this I think.


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