1200 Power Relay Plug With Damaged Wiring

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  1. MTS1200S 2013
    Popped the seat off today and noticed the Starter/power relay wires appear to have been damaged by the seat base flexing against the wires.. All the rubbers around the seat look ok.
    The 4pin plug really needs pulling apart and some heat shrink tubing installed. It appears this plug is from sumitomo, can anyone identify what series this is. HW series looks close but not close enough as the red silicon seal is not used in this series it seems



  2. What about the MT series
  3. Found it ......

    it seems the previous owner had a different seat installed as the OEM has 15mm of clearance with the Plug wires.
  4. The inside arcing damage is a known issue and your bike will eventually refuse to power on.

    There is an 'optional' service bulletin to fix it.

    As for the wire compression, just bend them over in the direction they go.
  5. Thanks mwhite
    I'll check for this optional bulletin and see how
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