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  1. just got the first refund just got to hope the next one is £70,000


    Carbon s/arm and wheels etc etc
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  2. Popular thread :eyes:

    I used the FSA web site - contacted 15 lenders (some of which I thought I might have had a loan off in the past but wasn't sure) I took me about 2 hours at work using the links on the FSA site a couple of months ago so no agencies involved - very simple process.

    Didn't think I would have any o_O

    So far I have about 7 rejections, but postie came today with a letter from Lloyds Bank (one of the ones I wasn't sure if I had ever had a loan from - and feck me £2000 :p
  3. I got near 3k.
  4. I have 7 more to go yet, I had no hope - but now this has got me hopeful :eyes:
  5. I hope you get it. yer gonna need it.
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  6. I applied to the royal bank of scotland, nothing, tight fekkers. Nice bikes though :D
  7. I don’t believe you would be daft enough to be “conned” into sign up for something you didn’t want.

    You’re just milking the opportunity. :)
  8. mine came from RBS.
    they signed me up, even after telling them several times during the application I didn't want it.
    when I noticed an extra payment coming out I queried it. they attempted to tell me it was the interest on the interest.
    big mistake. I cant spell, but by ferk can I count. (doing the math exe). I can also make a bit of a scene too.
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  9. Nope, so long as Brexit is cancelled I will be better off - not selfish like your compatriots on here you see
    That's why I didn't hold up any hope - maybe some lazy git just signed it off without realising :joy: I can't even think I ever had a loan with them :bucktooth:
  10. DQ.
  11. I definitely haven’t had any loans out........maybe I should try conning the system too :upyeah:
  12. Loads of people at work were getting payments and promptly spent the lot. :eyes:

    After a while I thought "What the hell" and filled some forms in. I never expected anything as I couldn't remember sigining up to anything......I wasn't dissapointed, I never got a bean. :laughing: I don't do much credit.
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  13. hmm, we bail the banks out. then they artificially? depreciate their profit paying back the compensation therefore reducing their tax liability.
    we, the tax payer payed twice?
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  14. I had a loan when I was 17.......the loan was 4600......ppi paid out 3500,Cheers Barclays. no idea how that works but I ain't complaining!
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  15. Thanks :blush:
  16. 1200 quid here...but, got some more in the pipe still - although not holding out that much hope...see what happens...
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  17. Nothing!!!

    Having said that, other than a mortgage I haven't had any loans.