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  1. hi looking to buy a abus victory x plus 68 roll up disc lock,, offers it for £54.49 which is a lot cheaper then on your website, as you do price match and forum discount, what price do you offer and how to get it for that price, many thanks.
  2. Id give them a call in the morning if I were you. The last time they were on the site was 6th November 2016 :)
  3. ah, thanks, not that active then lol
  4. I was in the shop last Weds looking at some clothing. When I asked about forum discount and the fact that it had been given before (see above qoute) the assistant seemed a bit puzzled. I said that Sally appeared to be the one to speak to, as it turned out Sally who is usually on the phone "orders" was stood next to him. I took the opportunity of showing her the nice comments on the forum about her and asked once again for some discount to which she replied I should phone her !?

    The decision was left to the helpful young lad serving me who volunteered approx 10% discount. Given that I turned up at about 1615 and left way after closing time I compliment them on the helpful, patient and friendly service.
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