Priti Gonna Get Sh1tty With Crims ?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by portboy, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. How you going to instill terror into criminals then Priti , bring back the Death sentence ?
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  2. Nah, bruv.

    It's Conservatives, innit. Say what they think people want to hear and then carry on carrying on.

    Your friends and family are all safe, peanut!
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  3. Could be right comrade, just another nail in the coffin of this short term government then ? I always feel sense of calm during our exchanges.
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  4. I believe it's because we have complementary world-views and philosophies.
  5. you know :eyes:
    perhaps she would be better applying herself to fund raising for some good cause ?
  6. "Fund-raising", with folks voluntarily contributing to good causes, you mean?

    I like where this is going!
  7. Israel ?
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  8. Yeah , good luck with that one Priti !
    ( Priti is a loose cannon in my opinion )

    Anyone for crucifixion ?

    " Nail them up , that's what I say ..... nail some sense into them "
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  9. Orenz has a different take on nailing someone.
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  10. Are they just hoping that people have forgotten it was the Tories that reduced police numbers in the first place.
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  11. It was a necessary step, Alan. All part of the Plan.
  12. I think less and less people are falling for it.
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  13. Thread title amended
  14. Thanks, you have saved me from the Schutzstaffel.
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  15. Red herring and usual labour drivel. Whilst she personally has always been in favour of it, at no point has she said she will seek to or want to return the death sentence.

    If she did, it would probably only for anti semites, Labour people should be safe then :D
  16. She’s going to shout at them....very loudly.

    Nearly every member of the cabinet has been sacked at some point for breaking the rules.

    Wouldn’t waste my piss if they were on fire.
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  17. yes, you're right noobie :upyeah::)
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  18. This is a unbelievable soundbite & in the same vein as a politician submitting a honest expenses form.
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  19. Such denial

    Ms Patel also famously called for the return of capital punishment as a “deterrent”. In a 2011 episode of the BBC's Question Time, fellow guest and Private Eye editor Ian Hislop took apart her argument, saying the inaccuracy of sentencing in the UK would mean innocent people would be killed by the state.
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  20. It’s all getting a little Oswald Mosley and his particular take on fashion.
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